Make your own Raspberry Pi Console Emulator and enjoy thousands of games.

Raspberry Pi Console Emulator

Once again we come across one of the star projects that we have at our disposal for Raspberry Pi. It is a Raspberry Pi Console Emulator which will allow us to play more than 30,000 games from over 56 consoles.

My Retro Console

Set up your own NES-style Retro Console, with thousands of games pre-installed on its high-speed SSD.

My Retro Library

My Retro Library

The biggest Retro Library on the Internet. Enjoy thousands of retro and not so retro games without taking up a single GB of your hard drive.

External Hard Disk Drive

Hard Drive with My Retro Library

If you don't want to subscribe to My Retro Library to access your games in the cloud, you can buy a hard disk with all the games already in it.

As I say, it has always been a star project. But it wasn't until the power of the new Raspberry Pi arrived that many of those people who needed something more were encouraged.

And with this console we can emulate games from up to PlayStation, PSP or Dreamcast.

But what can we really do with this Raspberry Pi Console Emulator?


Comparison of home 3D printers, which one to buy?

Form 2 3D Printer

This is the decade of this technology, no doubt, hence we have made this 3D printer comparison, to get a general idea of where it stands and to compare the current scenario.

Although we have been reading about it for many years, it is only now that the big DIY companies are starting to get involved and invest in the technology that is revolutionising all kinds of markets.

There is a lot of movement but also a lot of ignorance about how easy it is to use this technology. It is very new and does not derive directly from any already known technology, but has appeared out of nowhere (we are talking about domestic environments, at industrial level they have been used for a long time), so with this comparison we are going to try to give you a better idea of how easy it is to use. some basic ideas for you to learn something about this world and you can see how the market is right now.


Your own Raspberry Pi Media Center with KODI

Raspberry Pi projects

Gradually, over the last few years, we have had access to better and better technology. This has resulted in easier access to information and culture. The world of salon entertainment has also advanced. Today we can make ourselves a Raspberry Pi Media Centre Kodi (the old XBMC) for a more than affordable price.

All your favourite films, series, music and channels in one place and in the comfort of your own living room. There is no doubt that the advantages and results are incredible, but what can we really do with a Raspberry Pi Media Center?

If you don't want to complicate things, you have the best Media Center on the market already installed and configured.

If you already have everything you need, you can directly download and install our Updated Addons Distribution.


Configure your Raspberry Pi from scratch step by step

configure raspberry pi

The Raspberry Pi is an SBC board whose success has opened up a new market. of similar plates. In fact, in our blog we did an article analysing many of them. The success has been such that new versions of this board have been launched, from the 1A and 1B to the 3B version, which is the most current at the moment, passing through intermediate models such as the 2B and the Zero. An industry has also flourished around the Pi to complement its functionalities, which we will talk about later and learn how to configure the Raspberry Pi.

This success is partly due to its low price.The computer is a great way to have a complete computer to experiment with, but it is not the only reason. There are other reasons too, such as its versatility for learning about computing or the interest it arouses in the world of DIY and developers. But now another great advantage has been added, and that is the IoT (Internet of Things) craze. With the advent of IPv6 there will be many more IP addresses for everything to be connected and this type of board, along with the Arduino, are very interesting for creating IoT projects. ...

Install Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi

Windows 10 Raspberry PI

Microsoft is changing its mentality in recent times and you can see it in some of its projects. One example is that they are adopting a somewhat more open development method, releasing the code of some of their software or even reaching out to developers with projects such as this one. Windows 10 IoT Core which we will discuss and explain how to install it on the Raspberry Pi step by step.

First, let's talk a bit about Windows 10 IoT Core, as Microsoft has dubbed it. free system for SBCs like the Raspberry Pi. It is an operating system oriented to the development of the IoT (Internet of Things), the new era that comes with IPv6 that brings an endless number of IPs to be able to connect devices and objects that until now were "disconnected". ...

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