10 tips to optimise your wifi connection.

Here I bring you a series of optimisations that we can make to our wifi connection to make it more efficient. And the truth is that on many occasions our wifi connection does not work as we would like or as it should according to our contract with the company that provides us with internet, therefore, these 10 tips to make our wifi connection faster.

Wifi signal

0.- Professional solutions,

You can go to Amazon and see if any of the amplifier antennas that they have convince you, or any signal repeater, it will be for alternatives...

1.- Centre of gravity,

as any antenna acts, an antenna wifi antenna radiates the signal to the 360º that surround it, therefore, we must look for a point in our room to be the optimal place where it will give signal equally to all the points where we are with our computer. For example, in a square room, where we would sit anywhere, we would place the router in the centre.

2.- Place the router in an open place,

away from the floor, walls, never inside a piece of furniture or many metallic objects.

3.- Avoid interference,

a wifi signal has three main enemies, those that retain the signal (furniture, walls, etc.), those that modify it (metallic objects) and those that "vampirise" it (all those devices that use wireless frequencies, such as telephones, microwaves, etc.). We should try to keep our router as far away as possible from these objects.

4.- The antenna,

When we know that we are going to be in a fixed location, we can direct the signal to that specific location, either with a little trick like this one or with a directional wifi antenna.

5.- Repeaters,

in special cases of remoteness, repeaters (also called signal boosters or signal expanders) can be placed.

6.- Keep hardware up to date,

We must make sure that all the drivers of our devices (network card, firmware and others) are correctly updated to the latest version. By visiting the manufacturer's website you can easily check this information.

7.- Bluetooth devices,

we have to take into account that all devices (mobile phones, remote controls and even the computer's own bluetooth) that use this technology must be deactivated while we use our wifi connection.

8.- Tune to the appropriate channel,

Just like a radio, our router uses several channels to transmit data, we must try all of them to know which one works best in our case. Changing the channel used can be done easily from the configuration panel of our router (usually in our browser).

9.- The latest 802.11 standard,

As is normal, from time to time, manufacturers improve the wifi connections. This is displayed on each device like this, 802.11 a/b/g/n. We must also make sure that both the receiver and the transmitter are compatible with the desired technology. If by any chance we don't have a compatible device, we can do point number 6, and our problem will surely be fixed.

10.- Products of the same manufacturer,

Believe it or not, using products from the same manufacturer will significantly improve the signal of our precious connection.

I hope that with these ten tips you will improve your connection a lot, and you will be able to enjoy a wifi as it should be, greetings and good luck!!!!

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  1. I have a good wifi signal but I can't connect I put a card in the pc the signal is excellent what steps should I take to configure it?

  2. I would add to the interesting points mentioned to raise the power defined in the controller of the wifi board, I pass a brief tutorial to put it into practice:


    1. Alberto Navarro

      Thank you very much for the contribution, but I'm sorry to say that the link is restricted to registrations.

  3. francisco vecina molina

    I would be grateful if you could point me to establishments in
    Madrid where to buy a radio receiver
    which is wifi, naturally via the internet
    thank you

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