10 tips to make the most of the sun.

Renewable energies and so on are becoming very fashionable nowadays (and rightly so, since How to do we strongly support these new technologies), and today we bring you a compilation of 10 tips for harnessing the clean energy of the SunHere they go:

Making the most of the sun

Place solar panels, there are different sizes and depending on the watts we need. There are two main types, photovoltaic panels, which generate electricity directly, or thermal panels, which heat water for domestic use (which also saves on gas) or to generate electricity. Nowadays there are many companies that work with these panels and they are becoming much cheaper, or, if you are a ComoHacerManíaco, you can try to make your own solar panel.

2º.- It is always said that by orienting the windows correctly you gain in luminosity and save energy, take this into account and also place a skylight or two.

3º.- If you are a geek or simply like all kinds of gadgets, you might want to spend a little more on them to make them solar, there are many such as battery chargers, mobile phone chargers, calculators, etc...

4º.- Have you heard of solar roof tiles, they are a new system (still quite expensive), which can generate both electricity and heat that can be fully exploited in our homes.

5º.- Bioclimatic design, keep this name in your head because it will save you 70% of energy.

6º.- Paint your house with light colours as they reflect the light better and this will mean that you will have to switch on the lights for fewer hours. This can also be transferred to the furniture, which should always be in light tones.

7º.- The rooms facing south, this can be perfectly included in the bioclimatic design, but it is so important and basic that we are going to put it aside, remember, the rooms facing south.

8º.- In the same way as the global solar panels for the home, we can use them individually for each spotlight we have in our garden, so, as well as not having to throw cables in the way, we will also save on this side.

9º.- Try to go out in the sun when it is shining, it is as important to know how to take advantage of the sun's energy for our house as it is for ourselves. If we go out in the sun and get warm, our feeling of cold will decrease and we will not need to put the heating on, thus saving energy.

10º.- In the same way as light-coloured furniture and walls to take advantage of their reflection, we can place mirrors in key points of the house to make even more use of it.

This last tip ends this article, I hope you have enjoyed this mini-recollection and that if not all of them, most of you will put them into practice.

3 thoughts on “10 consejos para aprovechar el Sol.”

  1. celia valdes rodriguez

    megustaria poder aser un panel artesanal en mi casa por que me encuentro sin trabajo y esta tan cara la luz que me cuesta canselar la cuenta de ante mano muchas grasias

  2. My house has windows in all the rooms so that during the whole day the natural light is used to the maximum, and about the solar panels I was finding out but they are very expensive to mount everything you need and to have good autonomy and all that, you need a fortune.... If what you want is only for lighting it can be useful panels, but to power appliances I do not see it very profitable ... I also found out about wind energy but we are in the same problem the $.... I think that this type of energy should be more accessible so that everyone can use them....

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