10 tips to make your phone battery last longer

Nowadays it is very rare to see someone who doesn't have a mobile phone, even the smallest ones have their own. Since the beginnings of this technology, one of the problems that has given manufacturers the most trouble is the battery issue, with so many new features and new details, the batteries are running out sooner and sooner. Below, I show you 3 of the 10 tips on how to save our mobile phone batteries:

Tips to increase the battery life of your mobile phone.

1.- The most important and obvious thing to do is to turn off the device when you are not using it, for example at night, the alarm will remain active, don't worry.

Turn off all connections when you don't need them, Wireless, Bluetooth and GPS can drain your battery very quickly.

3.- Try to use dark wallpapers, screens need less energy to generate these colours.

The rest of the tips can be found at Geek GT.

7 thoughts on “10 consejos para hacer que dure más la batería del móvil”

  1. very good option, it has happened to me in a camp with no power and sometimes it makes you desperate not to have any means of communication in case of an emergency...

  2. Another good option, I think, is to control the brightness and contrast if it is too high, it usually consumes much more and having the Bluetooth or Wifi turned off when not in use is essential, as well as not leaving Java applications or games open as they consume a lot.

      1. At least for PC monitors the energy consumption is the same and motivating people to use dark search engines is just a business to earn clicks with Adsense...

        With mobile screens, I am left with the question of whether a black screen background actually uses less energy.

        Maybe it works when you turn down the brightness of the whole device, but not because of the black background... I don't know if you get the idea =P

  3. This reminds me of when I met foreign people when I lived in Spain. I would turn off my phone before going to sleep and they would tell me that they couldn't because it was their link to their family. Now that I live in London I never turn it off. That's why tips like these are perfect for making the battery last. The wallpaper thing is definitely important, as is using as little screen brightness as possible. The GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth thing is essential.

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