10 tricks to speed up Windows 8 as much as possible

Windows 8 Startup

With each new release of Windows, we try to compile a list of the best and most important best tricks to speed up our WindowsWe already did it with the slow and hated Windows Vista, later with Windows 7 and now it is the turn of the new Windows 7. Windows 8. Below are the Top 10 tricks to speed up your Windows 8:

1st This is basic and something that everyone should know, but try not to install programs that are not necessary as they will slow down your Windows 8 in the long run. If you have any that you don't use, uninstalling them can free up RAM memory, which will speed up your PC.

Booting Windows 8

Speeds up Windows start-up with a very simple configuration, press the key. Windows+R to access Runhe writes msconfig and will open a window, in the General tick the box Selective start. In another tab, the Start-upwe mark No GUI start-up and in the timeout we put 15In the same tab, click on Advanced options...check the box Number of processors and put in the highest number available, we also tick the box Maximum amount of memory and we put in Mb the maximum RAM memory that our PC has.

3º Deactivate programs that start with the operating system, to do so, go to the same window as in the previous step, but in this case go to the tab Servicescheck the box Hide all Windows services and remove all those that we do not want to start with Windows. We can carry out the same process in the next tab, Windows Startup.

4º The use of programmes for the system optimisation is a very good idea, we have free options such as CCleaner.

5º It is hard to believe, but the system sounds can make the system slow, so we can deactivate them as well. To do this, press the Windows+R and write mmsys.cplNow, in the tab Soundsgo to the menu Sound combinations and we choose No sound.

6º The task bar can also give us a headache or two, to speed it up, go to Windows+R and write regeditthen we will look for the next entry:


In a blank space, we right-click and select New->DWORD valuewe name it ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime and now, on the new entry, we right click and select Modify->Base->Decimalthen we put 200.

7º Reducing the waiting time on shutdown can help our Windows look a little younger than it really is. To do this, go to Windows+R and write regeditthen go to the following address:


We look for value WaitToKillServiceTimeout and right-click to modify, set the value to 2000.

Refresh in Windows 8

8º From time to time it is good to use one of the new features of this system to leave the machine as it was when we installed it, this is the new option Refreshwhich leaves the totally clean computer keeping your personal files intact. To do this, we go to PC Settings in the tab General and then select the option Refresh your PC without affecting your files.

9º The Search Index is a pain, that's for sure, it just keeps loading the PC in the background all the time so that when we do a search, it is faster. If you want to deactivate it, simply click Windows+R and writes services.mscthen search for the service Windows Search and right click, in the startup type field press Disable and stop.

10º Restart your PC from time to time, if you are one of those people who spend days and days downloading or simply with the PC on, restart it from time to time, it will do you a lot of good.

That's how simple it is to have optimised the speed of our new Windows 8Do you know of any other tricks we can do?

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  1. Antonio Trujillo Méndez

    Very useful tips, now you only need to upgrade to windows 8, which until 31 January costs just under 30 euros and they give you the license to upgrade up to 5 computers, you have to take advantage, then who knows how much they charge.

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