How vaccines work

Medicine has come a long way in the intervening years. In ancient times a simple flu could be the cause of a person's death. Nowadays, vaccines and the latest technologies make it possible to cure people in a very short time. Today we will explain how the immune system and vaccines work.

How vaccines work

Vaccines are based on our body's reaction to disease. When we contract a disease, our body's defences work to eliminate the malignant bacteria.

However, our body does not react in the same way every time we get sick. The first time is usually the most dangerous because our body does not recognise the illness and is not prepared to fight it. From this first time onwards our body creates the necessary defences to defend itself at any given moment.

The effect of vaccines is introducing a small strain of a virus into our body. This strain is not dangerous, however, the body reacts to it and creates defences that allow it to protect itself in the event of contracting the actual disease.

Here is a video with the detailed explanation.

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  1. The truth is that the video is very good, and it is incredible how our body reacts to viruses and bacteria 😀.

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