15 tips to attract more visitors.

From the beginnings of a blog or website, the main goal of any webmaster, is to get more visitors. It may seem an easy task, but it is not at all, so, with the help of Todotutoriales, I bring you a great compilation of 15 tips what we can do to get more visitors to our beloved web project. Let's start, as always, I will put it from most to least important according to my point of view:

Attracting more visitors

1º.- Be original in creating initiatives, A very easy example is that of Todotuto in the ForoBloggers forums. He has created an initiative to share articles between different blogs in order to give free publicity to your blog and those of your participants, come and see.

2º.- Original content, I know that you have read this in a thousand different places and it is very repetitive, but without original and quality content you are not going anywhere, and much less in days like today when it is increasingly difficult to grow on the Internet.

3º.- Share without asking for anything in return, This is highly valued by the regular readers of our blogs, and we will grow a lot in the so-called blogosphere. If you see a blog that you think deserves your participation, then write for them and you will surely gain renown and a few valuable links.

4º.- Create a competition, If you create a contest in which the contestant doesn't have to do anything at all, you will gain more followers as these things spread by word of mouth and in a short period of time the whole blogosphere will have heard about it, and it goes without saying that the better the prize, the more people will be interested.

5º.- Offer a subscription to your RSS feed, If you put the typical RSS button and people read you regularly, you have a better chance that whoever reads you will have a blog and link to your posts.

6º.- Use PPC directories, Like AdWords, yes, you will spend money, but it is the fastest way to get quality visitors to your site.

7º.- Give things as gifts, This point is very similar to the contest, but without the raffle, for example, we can make an entry saying, "Whoever gets to the thousandth comment, gets an iPod", or "The first one to comment gets an Audi R8", things like that, let your imagination run wild.

8º.- Register in directories, There are plenty of directories all over the Internet. Don't waste your time with small-time directories, focus on the best ones because otherwise you'll never finish, and remember to do it little by little, lest Google penalise you. In the Adseok forums there is a thread where they are compiling the best directories, here it is. This is the typical point that everyone recommends but nobody does, hehe, it's a pain in the ass.

9º.- It offers free or online software, If it's free, why not use it, search the web for quality free software and offer it to your readers, this way you will enrich your articles enormously. Don't forget that it must be related to your article, or at least a little bit.

10º.- Participate in all the forums you can find (if they have something to do with your subject or web design, so much the better). Here are the best ones in reference to web design, ForoBloggers, SeoTeca, Foros del Blog, ForoWordpress, Cristalab Forumselhacker Forum, Web forums and HelpWordpress Forum.

11º.- Relate a lot, use Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and all the social networks you see with people like you. I have to say that this is my weakest point, I have to get on with it.

12º.- Make them talk about you, Although it may seem untrue and I don't approve or use it, if people talk about you, good or bad, you become famous, and this means more readers and more visits. If you are going to use this option, I recommend that you go for the good side, it is not advisable to have enemies.

13º.- Create a forum, If you see that you have a big enough community to set up a forum, do it. It's a great way to create content and attract new people to your blog. Of course, don't forget to put in the header of your blog and forum that you are from the same team, so as not to confuse people more than anything else.

14º.- Be responsible with advertising, set it only for visits from search engines and take care of your regular readers.

15º.- It is constantly being published, at least four articles per week, so Google won't forget you and your readers won't get bored. A great way to get posts is to encourage your readers to participate in exchange for links to their blogs and recognition.

Now it's your turn, if you want to, please post in the comments the next number of the list with your own recommendation to get visitorsWe'll make a huge list with lots of tips.

5 thoughts on “15 consejos para atraer mas visitantes.”

  1. Luis from Blogosferica

    Number 10 is a good option but personally I think that a good blog is like wine, the older the better and this also has to do with the constancy to achieve a good amount of articles. It really is often difficult to publish every day but there is no other way. With time it pays off, very well, but the problem is that we want things as fast as fast food. In the field in which I work, I am trying to obtain prestige and reputation instead of visits. If this is achieved, I think the visits come by themselves, well, the search engine sends them to you hehehehehehe.

  2. Consigned business

    original content nowadays is something very difficult, even because most of those who are starting don't know what to write and when they write it's about their puppy or their parents.

    portanto considero a 1 e 2 os fatores que irão determina o sucesso ou nao do seu blog.

  3. Alberto Navarro

    You are right, for non-commercial blogs it is the best option to consider.

    Greetings and thank you!!!!

  4. I mainly stick to #10, as participating in forums and interacting with other bloggers enriches many of the other points, such as #2 and #3.

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