5 different types of iPhone cases

Since yesterday's presentation of the new Apple iPhone 4, we have been inundated more and more with this new device. Honestly, I'm more of an Android and "by Google" person, but there's no denying that with this new mobile, Apple has caught up with the rest of the companies. What many people don't agree with is its price, which, as usual, is a bit above what most people can afford, and that's why we have compiled this compilation of protectors for your iPhone (or any other mobile ;-D).

The typical sock:

Sock iPhone case materials

Sock iPhone case

The felt cover (template):

Felt iPhone case materials

Felt iPhone case

With a CD cover:

iPhone cd case materials

iPhone CD case

With a brick of juice:

Brick iPhone case materials

Brick iPhone case

With a book (my favourite):

iPhone book case materials

Book case for iPhone

As you have seen, these are just a few ideas, can you tell us yours?

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