A guitar made out of rubbish in 30 seconds

We know that our world is gradually filling up with rubbish, and there are people, who are not satisfied with this fact, who have come up with a solution. This solution is none other than to find a use for all those things that no longer serve us and are left in the trash, in this case this man shows us how quickly you can creating a guitar out of nothing.

Thirty seconds is all you need, plus a hollow box, a rubber band and a small piece of wood. As you can see, it's nothing special, but as a demonstration that rubbish can have several lives, it's very good. If you think it is utopian to use waste as a material to make or build things, I recommend you watch the documentary "Rubbish Warrior" or "Garbage Warrior". where a family makes complete houses out of rubbish that people no longer need. Imagine what we could do for our world if governments also supported such initiatives.

Think green and you will realise that it is not so difficult to take care of our environment every day. By the way, if you can think of any other way of using rubbish to save our environment, you can leave it in the comments.

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