Homemade Wifi and DVB-T antenna from an old UHF antenna


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Rummaging through my garage junk I found an old UHF antenna that had no other destination than to go to the clean point of my city. Obviously I quickly saw the potential that this antenna could have and I started to test and investigate a bit, firstly I checked that the antenna (which is actually two independent ones), was fully capable of picking up the current DTT signal and send it to a tuner to be able to watch TV without any problem.

As the rear antenna picked up enough signal to not need the front antenna, I was looking for a way to use it as well, and I thought of adapting it to be used as an antenna. homemade Wifi antenna. I got myself a cheap Wifi antenna (we have it in our official shop) that would serve me for that purpose (to experiment a bit), and a USB cable so that it would be totally Plug and Play. I was looking for something that, first of all, was cheap, so that if it broke down it wouldn't hurt too much, and that had an external antenna, so that I could open it and splice the cable of the Wifi antenna with that of the old UHF antenna.

High gain USB Wifi antenna

From the beginning I was quite clear about the problems I was going to encounter in this experiment, and the most important one I could see was the incredible ease with which the Wifi antennas to register signal losses due to the high frequencies it uses for sending signals. With this clearly in mind, my intention was to make as short as possible the cable from the antenna outside the Wifi adapter to the UHF antenna, so I directly cut the coaxial cable of the old Wifi antenna completely, and connected the external antenna of the adapter I had bought, to the dipole of the old antenna.

With the hope that it would work, and after many problems of disconnections due to the misfortune I had done to the antenna that came with the adapter (I must say that it is Chinese material, and cheap, so it didn't crumble in my hands), I managed to fix everything so I could take out the USB cable from the back and make the first test. As you can see in the video, everything turned out great, even though the antenna gain is not the best on the market. (I have a 3dBi antenna, and it picks up about the same signal), it works as it should and has cost very little money, and it helps the environment, reusing materials which may still have a longer service life.

As the initial intention was to make a portable system to have television and Internet wherever I went, I also thought of including a pendrive in which I could put the WifiSlax distribution (a linux to audit Wifi networks that is often used to crack passwords) and put on the bottom of the antenna, the instructions for use to be able to get the wifi keys without too much difficulty.

Wifislax logo

At this point I had a couple of dilemmas: the distribution needed to be on a flash drive, which could have no other use than that, and which would have to be somehow fixed to the antenna so that I wouldn't have to carry it up and down. The Wifi adapterI needed some drivers to be able to work in Windows, which came on a CD and which we had to carry with us in case we used a PC in which they were not installed beforehand. At the moment I haven't solved it in an elegant way, but I suppose that with some kind of fixed pouch on the back of the antenna, it would be enough.

I also thought about leaving the pendrive inside the antenna and taking out another USB, but apart from losing the pendrive "forever", it is a nuisance to have four cables hanging from the system (power supply, DTT antenna, Wifi antenna and pendrive with WifiSlax), totally discarded.

Thanks to a comment from Clark Mitrani in our YouTube channelI realised that I could make it much more portable if I directly included inside the device a DVB-T adapter for PC and pulled out a USB cable, with the disadvantage that I lost the opportunity to use it on a DVB-T TV tuner. Perhaps I will upgrade in the future.

In short, I have recorded it, not so that you know how to do it step by step, as this will vary depending on the antenna you have or what you find at hand, but to show that it is not necessary to throw away everything that at first might not seem to be of any use to us, because it is outdated or has reached its technological limit. Everything we can do against planned obsolescenceis little.

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  1. Maybe it's too late, but today I have found an old UHF antenna, and I would like to know if you could upload a video of how to do it, thanks.

  2. and because you have not fed it with the current to see what you say, that the amplifier works with the wifi.

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