A handmade knife, learn how to make it yourself

Finished handmade knife

Man has always been passionate about swords and knives for centuries, which is why in the ComoHacer.eu we want to transfer that time to the present, following the steps we are going to show you, you will be able to create your own handmade knifeWhether as a gift for a friend or for hunting or fishing...

Materials and tools

  • Crossbow or steel plate (of the thickness you want the knife to be).
  • Grinder or radial grinder, with steel cutting disc. (Buy it on eBay)
  • Sanding disc or belt sander. (Buy it on eBay)
  • Drill with metal drill bit. (Buy it on eBay)
  •  A deer antler or hard plastic.
  • Rivets or blind rivet screws.