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How to make homemade sparklers

Fire from a flare

If you are one of those who like to experiment with chemicals, smoke, fire and other things (and I think there are many who will say yes) today I bring you a video that you will find very entertaining.

As the title says, it is nothing more and nothing less than how to make a homemade flare. The instructions are in English, so it is not very difficult to follow the steps. The result is very beautiful and eye-catching. And although it is very simple and elementary, I am sure that with a bit of inventiveness you will be able to create something more colourful or complex.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum.

How to make a USB floppy disk.

USB Diskette

Floppy disks have long since been replaced by handy USB flash drives or USB key rings. More capacity, more speed, more security and more space.

Now, how would you like to take the best of both elements and create something new and original? Following the trend of the notes on recycling floppy disks, today I bring you how to make a usb floppy disk.

What materials will we need?

  • 1 slim flash drive. They are thinner than normal pen drives.
  • 1 diskette.
  • Fine-tipped screwdriver, cutter or scissors.
  • Instant adhesive for bonding plastics.


  1. Use a screwdriver, cutter or scissors to open the flash drive. Be very careful not to hurt yourself and avoid touching the circuitry inside.
  2. Remove the memory part and its board.
  3. Take the floppy disk and open it from one side. You can leave the disk inside, as long as it is not a nuisance to house the memory.
  4. Insert the memory, leaving out only the contacts, which should be positioned upwards.
  5. Glue the memory to the floppy disk without the glue touching the contacts. This way it will stay firmly in place. Let it dry for a while.
  6. Take the housing and cut off the plastic part covering the contacts.
  7. Glue it to the floppy disk so that it covers the contacts as if it were a regular flash drive. Then glue the rest of the side that has been opened and let it dry.
  8. Ready to go! A new accessory to be the envy of our friends.

That would be the whole procedure. Here is an explanatory video to help you find your way around.

10 tips to save water.

Saving water

Not long ago we published a few tips on how to save electricity. Today I bring you 10 tips on how to take care of that precious liquid that is for us the watersaving with its use in the home. I hope you find it useful.

Find out if your computer can run a game.

Can you run that game?

It has often happened to us that we wish we could playing on our computer a spectacular game that we've seen out there. We are drooling over it. We do everything to get it. We install it and then .... And wham, total disillusionment to see that it doesn't work or that it works like a cart...

Can you run it? It's a site that can help you avoid such disappointment. With just a couple of clicks, it allows you to search for the desired game and quickly test your computer to tell you if you meet even the minimum requirements. The interesting thing is that it provides a detailed report of what you can change to make it run (even with a minimum).

It has helped me a lot. I hope you will too.

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