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How to hack the FeedBurner counter.

How to hack the FeedBurner counter. 1Of the thousands of stupid things out there, this is one of the best I've ever heard, hack the FeedBurner counter. And the question is, why, to feel better about yourself, I don't think so, since you yourself are aware that what is on that hacked bookmark is not the reality, maybe to impress the readers who come to your page (in dribs and drabs, because I think that someone who has a loyal following behind him doesn't need this).


How to download videos from YouTube.

This is a quick and easy trick, you just have to:

1 - Go to the YouTube page.

How to download videos from YouTube. 2

2 - Search for the video you want to download.

How to download videos from YouTube. 3

3 - Copy the URL from the address bar.

How to download videos from YouTube. 4

4 - Go to DownloadYouTube.

5 - Paste the YouTube address where indicated and press the button "download"et voilà.

How to download videos from YouTube. 5

6 - (Optional) The downloaded file will be in *.flv (Flash) format, to change it to *.avi (Movie), and be able to see it in your normal player, I leave you here a link to a program so that you can change its format.

This is one of the ways to download videos from YouTube of the multitude of ways that exist, but I think it is the simplest, I hope you find it useful.

How to unlock a mobile phone.

How to unlock a mobile phone. 6On the basis that unlocking a mobile phone is illegaland that the process is different for each mobile phone model, I bring you here a compilation of links where you will be able to unlock your phone in many different ways:

-Trycktill, Unlock by IMEI for free, where you put the brand, the model of your phone and the IMEI code, then they give you the code to unlock it for free., Another website to unlock by IMEI method for free.

-Nokia free, is a website specialised in unlocking nokia phones, easy and free.

MOVICAL.NETThey unlock almost all mobile phones on the market, both by code and by cable.

-BAZARSUR, Web to unlock by IMEI the most complicated phones, it is not free.

GrupoGSMA website that has manuals on how to unlock many phone models as well as material on how to do it, they also unlock phones by IMEI.

-FreeGSMs, here they sell cables and tools to unlock mobile phones (unlock material). They also unlock phones by IMEI.

-Moviltuning, lots of information on how to unlock your mobile phone, repairs, codes and more.

I hope you find these links useful, and if you know more, just let me know.

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