How to depilate with sugar (Sugaring).

Hello everyone on the blog, this is my first post and I would like to start by thanking you for this opportunity to share my knowledge with you.

I chose this topic because very few western women are aware of the benefits of mother sugar, and since we practically eliminate it from our diets, why not use it to make us even more beautiful.

HoneySome History

Since ancient times, women have sought different ways of depilation, just as men have evolved shaving techniques. The method used for depilation has varied and evolved until today, however the Egyptians, the Greeks and the ancient oriental cultures depilated their bodies as a means of hygiene, purity or simply tradition. Of course, since ancient times women have been the practitioners par excellence of these techniques, since it has always been considered that a body without hair is a more beautiful and more stylised body. Nowadays, the sugar depilation method is very common among Israeli women, and in the Middle East it is known as "Hawala".

Tweezing aims to remove one or two hairs from the root, which allows them to grow more slowly and more finely. The tediousness of this method has meant that tweezers are now used only for definition and precision work. They allow the removal of a larger number of hairs, which, as with tweezing, will grow weaker and slower. This makes it possible to be more beautiful for longer and with less sacrifice.