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How to disassemble an Xbox 360.

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Update: We've revamped the tutorial to make it easier and more explanatory, check out the new tutorial to disassemble your Xbox 360.

There are thousands of ways to disassemble an Xbox 360you can throw it off a rooftop, you can hit it with a baseball bat, or you can read on and trust in How to do to disassemble your console through these steps and a great video, here goes:

We will need a 2" Allen key and a flathead screwdriver of that calibre as well.

1º) Make sure you have disconnected the Xbox 360.

2º) Put your finger through the front USB slot and press outwards, this will allow you to remove the front cover.

Xbox 360


How to make fire in a very unusual way.


Imagine you're on an island, you need food, water and fire. You get some fruit, you find a river where you drink fresh water, but there's no trace of fire, you've left your hands skinned trying to make fire with a stick like you've seen in documentaries without success. And suddenly you find a box stranded in the sea, you run towards it hoping to find a GPS, a mobile phone, canned food... But there are only batteries and steel wool, and you wonder what the hell I want this for.... Well, believe it or not, you can making fireYes, yes, yes, as you hear it, here are the simple steps to making fire with these two unusual objects.

You will need:

  • 1 battery (any battery would work in principle, but 9 volt batteries work best)
  • Steel wool (the finer the better)

Rub the battery with the wool, blow on it and voilà, you have a fire to light a nice candle and stay warm.

How to make the hamburgers that appear in advertisements.

Hamburger advert

When you go to a restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King, your mouth waters when you look at the photographs of the hamburgers, so perfect, so consistent, that they look like they are telling you to eat them, eat them, eat them. But then it's time to open the packet of your superburger and no matter how much you compare it with the one in the photo, it doesn't look anything like it. Here is the videotutorial of how to make the hamburgersAlthough they are not very edible, pay attention:

How to make professional soap bubbles.

Soap bubble

Remember those little bottles of making soap bubbles? the ones with the little silver balls on the lid. You'd open it and it was guaranteed fun, you'd start blowing bubbles and immediately you'd have all your friends running around exploding them. But the problem came when the soap ran out, no soap, no fun. Thanks to How to do is over, create your own more consistent soap with which you can make giant bubbles.

You need:

  • A glass of water.
  • A glass of concentrated soap.
  • A spoonful of sugar.
  • One tablespoon of glycerine.
  • A deep bowl.
  • A funnel.
  • A straw.


How to make dynamic presentations with Prezi.

Prezi logo

Here comes a great discovery: Prezi. Remember the name, because it will be talked about, if not the name, at least the format. It is a web application in which you can making presentations 2.0 online for your presentations at university or work in an easy, simple and intuitive way. Retire your old powerpoint and amaze your colleagues and teachers with prezi. You only have to register on the website (the bad thing is that it is in English but for those who have no idea I leave the tutorial below), choose the free account with which you can store up to 100MB (there is also the possibility of downloading the presentations you make, so you can make use of your presentations in places where there is no internet) and get into the world of Prezi!! where everything is advantages. Here is the video tutorial in Spanish made with Prezi, of course.

Don't hesitate, if you want your presentations to be the most original, sign up for Prezi now.

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