There are always moments for humour, and within DIY we can find very funny and ingenious examples.

How to avoid comments in capital letters.

For those of you who have a blog, there is a very effective way to get your blog up and running. to prevent your followers from typing in capital letters In your blog, it is understood that writing in capital letters is a clear symptom of shouting, and for that reason they have invented an anti-shouting keyboard. The only downside is that unless you send them the keyboard, I don't think your readers will buy it for themselves (I wouldn't).

Anti-shouting keyboard

How not to leave your fingers in the attempt.

Cutting wood

For all those who enjoy DIY, carpentry, or simply messing around with dangerous little machinesI bring you a video of a new product invented by SawStop, so you can try to cut your fingers as many times as you want, but I don't think it will work.

What I don't quite understand is why the creator uses a sausage, if you're not supposed to get hurt. ;D

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