There are always moments for humour, and within DIY we can find very funny and ingenious examples.

How to make bombs with Mentos candies and Coca Cola.

Today I'm funny, and I bring you a couple of funny tricks to play a joke on some of your friends with the mythical system of Mentos and Coca Cola. And for lack of one, two different pranks so that you can have a great time. Let's start with the one I liked the most, the one about the colleague who pours a bit of soft drink on himself:
Now for the second instalment of the joke, this one a little less flashy, but ultimately, it ends up having its purpose fulfilled: ...

The 11 most unnecessary "How To" on the web.

We have been publishing for almost five and a half months curious inventions, courses and tutorials and all kinds of training videos We have never stopped to think about all those unnecessary things that can be done, but we don't do them because they are so absurd that they don't even attract our attention. Well then, as a curiosity, I bring you an article on the 11 most unnecessary things to do on the webIt's a bit of a joke, so don't hold it against me, hehe.

Screen by wikihow

Among the most absurd things we can find, like using a computer mouse, how to remove a staple!!! (WTF), how to count sheep, or even how to blink. So if you just don't want to read it, I'll understand, for all those who want to waste their time, here you have the link to the original article (easily understandable) or the link to the Google translated version, for those who don't want to bother :-). Enjoy it and then keep on doing useful things, by all means!!!.

How to drive a car well

Driving a car

Today I bring you a curious video for learning to drive a car wellStay tuned because it's quite educational and fun.

Now don't complain if they take away your licence points, you know what you're doing. do's and don'tshehe.

How to clean your iPhone screen

As many of you may ask, how is it that multitouch screensknowing that they are to have the more fingers stuck in it the better, they have not come up with something to clean it properly?.

iPhone 3G

Don't worry if they haven't released something to clean your iPhone screen, I bring you the solution, and surfing the web you will find very curious things like this video that shows us how to clean the screen of our iPhone with a simple application, more than one will love it.

So when I say that more than one person will love it, it's for a reason.

How to make skates.

An interesting photo that you can tell at a glance how to make your own two-wheeled skatesvery simple and useful. In addition we contribute to recycling and avoid throwing away more things than necessary, the only thing you will need to make these incredible skates is a pair of old boots, a wheelchair that no longer serves and a lot, but a lot of courage to use them. If you want to see what a great invention, click on the jump.

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