How to make a curious compass.

Hello everyone, my name is Carmen, as you may have noticed I am new here. I hope that my role in this blog will be very productive, as I feel very eager and encouraged to give you the best articles I can. Mainly you will see that my posts will be more directed towards the little ones of the house or towards women, all that public that until now was not included in this blog and that I personally think that they also have a place here, why not?

For my first article, I have found today, on the web, a very curious book by how to make a compass. The truth is that, especially for the little ones, it is a real adventure, in which they can understand that the earth is an immense magnet and that is why it is so important for them to be able to see it. compass needle always points to the north pole. Well, here we will show them how to prove their theory since, generally, children don't believe it until they prove their theory. That is why we encourage them to have fun and at the same time prove their theories.

Homemade compass