Sin duda el DIY o hazlo tu mismo tiene muchas vertientes, y una de las que más empuje y crecimiento tiene es todo aquel mundo adjudicado normalmente a la mujer. Aquí encontrarás algunos proyectos interesantes.

How to make a woollen pompom

In this article we will show you how to make a pompom that you can use to decorate your clothes or as a gift for your friends.. The pompoms are usually made of wool, although there are some made of other materials such as coloured ribbon.

The materials we will use to build our pompom are as follows:

Wool yarn (the typical balls used by our grandmothers).

Piece of cardboard or cardboard.


Template (optional).

Once we have these materials, we start making our pompom. First of all, we have to draw two equal circles on the cardboard.. If we have a template, we can use it. If this is not the case, we can draw the circles using the following guidelines:

Template for the pompom.


How to improve circulation in your legs

Nowadays, most adults spend several years of their lives in the standing for hours at a time for a variety of reasons and that makes our legs suffer. It generally affects women more often, causing the appearance of varicose veins (thrombi), although there are cases in men. This is due to a blood supply deficit in these extremities because after the blood circulates to our feet, it returns to the heart in a vertical upward direction, so if we do not take measures to improve circulation it can cause serious pain. By doing the following activities you can help your legs take a break.

Cold water

When you take a shower, at the end of the shower, before turning off the tap apply cold water on your legs. At first it is uncomfortable but eventually you get used to it. While you pour the cold water on these extremities, massage them with your hands by rubbing them together. from the bottom to the top strongi.e. from the ankle or knee to the groin. This promotes upward blood flow.

If you don't like the sensation of freezing water you can apply cold effect creams after bathing, before going to bed or just after waking up in the same way as with water, massaging from bottom to top.

Giving cream on the legs.


Cómo alisarte o rizarte el pelo

Bien, con este artículo podrás aprender cómo alisarte el pelo ya sea con plancha o con secador y además podrás combinarlo con técnicas de rizado o simplemente si tienes el pelo liso u ondulado, poder hacerte maravillosos tirabuzones.

Los utensilios requeridos para alisar el pelo son una plancha (preferiblemente de cerámica ya que daña menos el pelo) o secador y para rizarlo unas tenacillas, además se puede complementar con un spray con agua para humedecer el cabello y diversos peines para hacerlo más cómodo.

Alisar con plancha


How to do a manicure.

From the hand of datosparamujeres I can teach all women to get a manicure almost perfect, if not perfect.


I must say that nail care is something that we must take into account, as nobody likes to find their hands with damaged nails and it is a very easy thing to do but it is very expensive and not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford it. That is why today in How to do I will teach you how to manicure so that all of you can have perfect nails without having to spend a lot of money.

All we would have to do is follow the steps given in the video below.

How to depilate with sugar (Sugaring).

Hello everyone on the blog, this is my first post and I would like to start by thanking you for this opportunity to share my knowledge with you.

I chose this topic because very few western women are aware of the benefits of mother sugar, and since we practically eliminate it from our diets, why not use it to make us even more beautiful.

HoneySome History

Since ancient times, women have sought different ways of depilation, just as men have evolved shaving techniques. The method used for depilation has varied and evolved until today, however the Egyptians, the Greeks and the ancient oriental cultures depilated their bodies as a means of hygiene, purity or simply tradition. Of course, since ancient times women have been the practitioners par excellence of these techniques, since it has always been considered that a body without hair is a more beautiful and more stylised body. Nowadays, the sugar depilation method is very common among Israeli women, and in the Middle East it is known as "Hawala".

Tweezing aims to remove one or two hairs from the root, which allows them to grow more slowly and more finely. The tediousness of this method has meant that tweezers are now used only for definition and precision work. They allow the removal of a larger number of hairs, which, as with tweezing, will grow weaker and slower. This makes it possible to be more beautiful for longer and with less sacrifice.


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