Not everything in DIY is about manual projects, we also have the option to learn fundamental things that can help us in the professional and business world. Check out this section to see the best DIY on the job.

How to go from public to television

Television is a means of communication used by millions of people around the world to inform themselves about everything that is happening on the planet. This great importance means that there are thousands of jobs related to it. One of the best known jobs is that of a television audience. I'm sure that more than once you have asked yourself how you can come to watch your favourite programme liveToday we will explain it to you.

How to go from public to television


How to promote your services

Nowadays a well-functioning business is one of the most valuable assets for society. Something very important to get new clients is the promotion of our services. Today we bring you some tips to help you promote your business to society.

When we start a business advertising is very important. It should show people as directly as possible what services we offer and why they should choose us over others. In our advertisements it is important to show the main messages in a font that stands out and attracts attention. There are many ways to advertise:

NewspaperA newspaper is perfect to show people our business. In exchange for a certain amount of money we can show a large number of readers our message. The most important thing in this type of advertisement is to make good use of the space offered and to make our message clear.

Periodical advertisement ...

Special: How to look for a job (III): competitive examinations

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After studying and training, it is time to face immersion in the world of work. We can opt for private companies or public companies. If we choose the latter, we must oppose. Today we offer you a list of websites where you can find places that can be obtained through competitive examinations.

Papers for the competitive examinations.


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