Thanks to the Internet you can read these lines, communicate in seconds with people on the other side of the world and access all the knowledge that humans have been accumulating for generations. There are many DIY projects related to the Internet and in this section you can find the ones we have published.

How to set AdSense only for visits from search engines.

Adsense unnoticed.

Since Como Hacer has implemented this new functionality, I take this opportunity to show you all how to do it in a very simple and really effective way. I think that all of us who have a blog or website, we have to think about our recurring visitors and their comfort of usability of our own blog or website, so I encourage you to implement it for these simple reasons:

We will keep our best users happyRemember that good users are the ones who will give us publicity at any given time, as they somehow feel identified with our site, and they will make us grow with them. The publicity I am referring to can be in the form of posts on their blogs, emails to their relatives or recommendations on twitter, etc. This, in my opinion, is the most important reason to implement this function.

We will improve the appearance of our blog considerablyYou can't deny that a blog without advertising is better seen than one full of banners and little buttons almost unnecessary for the recurrent user. Keep in mind also, that our regular users are somehow already blinded with our advertising, and it goes unnoticed for them, so it does not generate anything new or beneficial for them and for us either.

It will improve our eCPMThe less impressions on unnecessary pages, the higher it will be, and the better results it will generate. Let me explain it a little better, we all know that the higher the impressions on our pages where we have the ads, with respect to the clicks on them, the more we will generate better results. eCPM If we now think about the blindness I was talking about earlier, our recurring users are wasted impressions, i.e. our loyal followers, and they are unintentionally lowering our revenue.

We won't see the ads eitherNormally, every blog administrator does not enter their own site through a search engine, but through some installed application (in my case WordPress Helper, in Firefox), and that will also relieve us of the fatigue of our own ads, so that when we have to optimise or change them, we will be much more impartial about it. At this point, it would also come into play that if we don't see our ads ourselves, we will avoid being penalised by Google for any illegal click made unintentionally, or not...

After this little introduction, I will give you the code that you will have to use for this purpose, it is divided in two parts, this one:

<?php if (preg_match('/q=|search/', $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ) { ?>

which you will have to put just before the ad code, and this one:

<?php } ?>

which comes right after.

I hope it works for you, as an example you can use this blog, try doing a search for "How To", and then typing the URL of the blog in the address bar of your browser. By the way, if you know of any other reason why we should set AdSense only for visits from search enginesYou can leave it in the comments, greetings!!!!.

How to change hosting and domain for a WordPress blog.

How to change hosting and domain for a WordPress blog. 1

The Best WordPress Hosting

After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.

From TodoWordPress, I find two wonderful tutorials to migrate a blog completelyAs most of you will know, not long ago I moved this blog to a new hosting (at that time, they hadn't published the guidebook), and it was a great adventure that luckily turned out well.

Here are the links to the original tutorialsAnd at the same time you will get to know a community that is growing more and more, and which I believe will be a point of reference for all bloggers in the not too distant future.

Guide to successfully moving your site to another server.

In six easy steps, you can changing accommodation without any problemsIt's simpler than it looks, you'll see.

Change of hosting

Guide to changing your domain and/or directory site.

Three steps to change your domaineven without losing your old visitors.

Change of Domain

If you are not yet planning to change neither host nor domain, I recommend that you jealously guard these guides, as you may need them in the future, and in my opinion, there is no better guide to migration than these. Greetings and all the best.

If you also want a recommendation of a good hosting for your projects, go to WPMU DEVWe have used the Como Hacer accommodation with very good results and we are very happy with it.

How to change hosting and domain for a WordPress blog. 1

The Best WordPress Hosting

After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.

How to make money on the Internet 1 (Ziddu).

More on earning money: | Twync | | Twync

With this post we begin another of those posts in series that we like so much and that are so valuable, in this first post of the series "...".How to earn money on the Internet"I will tell you about Ziddu.

Let's start with the simple, we all or almost all know Rapidshare or Megaupload, don't we, well for anyone who doesn't know what they are, they are pages that allow you to upload files so that they can download from anywhere in the worldThe bad thing about the free versions, however, are the restrictions of the free versions, which either put a time limit between one file and another, or you can't download simultaneously, and many other impediments.

Well, with the arrival of Ziddu we can forget about many of these restrictions, since in Ziddu you can upload all types of files up to a maximum size of 200Mb and no waiting. One thing that sets it apart from the rest is that they give you money for each download to get hold of your files, 0,001 € per download and 0,10 € per referralAt first it seems a joke, but imagine that you participate in a download forum, uploading files of games or movies and others, how many downloads can be made per day of a single file? and how many files do you upload per day? well, if you do it well, it can be quite profitable, greetings to all and make us rich. To know the page you can enter from here:

More on earning money: | Twync | | Twync

How to make your own social network in a few steps.

Yesterday while watching .TV, it occurred to me to make this post so that you can learn how to make your own social network in very few steps. Well, to begin with, the page we will have to go to is called NingIt is in English, but it is very easy to understand.

First, we enter the page and enter the name of our network and the address it will have, then we click on "Create".


Secondly, we register by entering our data in the fields we have seen.


We will then have to describe our social networkby adding data such as privacy type, description, keywords and language.


And finally we will choose the options we want it to have our social networksuch as videos, photos, etc... and the theme, colours, styles, etc...


As you have seen, it is very easy to have our own social network like Tuentiand in just a few steps, so come and socialise.

How to remove the search bar from Youtube videos.

Have you seen the new search bar that Youtube has put on its videos from other websites, quite annoying don't you think? Well, in this post I bring you the solution just by adding a parameter (&showsearch=0) in the code we copy for our website, here is an example:

In this code everything seems normal, but it is not:

In it there's the damn search bar:

Search bar

But here is the solution, another video code that looks normal, but is not:

<param name="movie" value="">

And tachán, the bar is gone, if you liked it, thank IlMaistro for this mini tutorial, ála.

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