Video games

The world of video games and consoles has been with us for decades, but little by little it is becoming an industry that moves a lot of money. Check out with us the most interesting DIY projects you can do.

How to make a coin purse out of a NES controller

When we think of the eighties aesthetic, bell-bottoms, psychedelic shapes and pop music immediately spring to mind. But it was also the decade of the expansion of video games. Does anyone have a NES at home? Look for it, we are waiting for you. Take the command and we will teach you how to make a coin purse out of it.

This is what our coin purse will look like with the NES controller


How to create Counter Strike Server 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most famous online games in history, in which we play a terrorist or counter-terrorist to take out our enemy side. In order to be able to open a server to the public and thus play with our friends, we only need to install the game and configure the access a little bit.

Create server for counter strike 1.6

The first thing to do is to enable the connection through the firewall (firewall) of our router. This is a task that varies greatly depending on the router we are using, however, this is not a problem as in adslzone We can find manuals on how to do this for each model. Once we know how our router works, we will open the port 27015 UDP/TCP.


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