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The world of video games and consoles has been with us for decades, but little by little it is becoming an industry that moves a lot of money. Check out with us the most interesting DIY projects you can do.

How to disassemble PSP FAT

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The PSP FAT is the first version that appeared of this useful little console. The way to disassemble it is quite simple if you follow the correct order. In principle, all you need for this operation is a small Phillips screwdriver.


To begin disassembly, we must first remove the front of our console. This is done by means of 7 screws that are located in the places indicated in the image. To access the two screws in the lower left corner, we must remove the warranty sticker placed by SONY to ensure that we do not tamper with your product during this period.


How to disassemble an Xbox 360 Slim

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PSP Fat | Wii | Nintendo DSi | PS2

Microsoft's new console, the Xbox 360 Slimsmaller than its predecessor. Well, here we bring you already the disassembly manualwe will need:

- A flat screwdriver (standard size).

- A Torx screwdriver (size 9-10).

Before we start, if you're trying to disassemble your Xbox 360 for repair, you might want to check Amazon to see if you can find replacement parts at a good price, who knows. The process of disassembly is very similar to that of an Xbox 360 First we remove the hard disk, for which we lift the cover and that's it, then we remove the grille next to it with the help of a flat screwdriver, being careful not to break the hooks.

Removing hard drive from Xbox 360 slim


How to make a video game

Don't think you're going to make a Call Of Duty or anything like that, but to get started and make half-decent things, this invention is pretty good. It's about the community YoYo GamesThe slogan "Where de worlds come to play, make and share games" tells us a lot about what it is about and also implies that we must have some basic knowledge of English to be able to participate.

How to make a video game

What is most impressive about this community is how well it is organised and how many people are behind it, helping to keep everything running smoothly. It has a wiki, some forums and even (here's the trick to its success) its own game-creation program, the Game Maker. This program brings with it a multitude of sound packs and different resources to help you make your game unique and unparalleled. You will also be able to play all the games that other people in the community have made, (and this is where the creators of YoYo Games win) these games will have to be played online on their platform, which means that you will be seeing their advertising, etc, etc....

Without a doubt it is a community to take into account for all our moments of boredom or with the desire to create something, for any of these two sensations it is totally valid.

How to make 3D glasses

3d glasses

Now more than ever, 3D and the new generation of films are becoming more and more fashionable. As you know, to be able to see these films you need special glasses that seem anything but cheap. Well, with this post we are going to see how to make 3D glasses and then look at an example with them.

What we will need:

- One red and one blue CD marker.

- The transparent plastic of a CD cover.

And here is the video with which you can see the sample in 3D (if you have problems, watch it on YouTube):


Find out if your computer can run a game.

Can you run that game?

It has often happened to us that we wish we could playing on our computer a spectacular game that we've seen out there. We are drooling over it. We do everything to get it. We install it and then .... And wham, total disillusionment to see that it doesn't work or that it works like a cart...

Can you run it? It's a site that can help you avoid such disappointment. With just a couple of clicks, it allows you to search for the desired game and quickly test your computer to tell you if you meet even the minimum requirements. The interesting thing is that it provides a detailed report of what you can change to make it run (even with a minimum).

It has helped me a lot. I hope you will too.

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