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The world of video games and consoles has been with us for decades, but little by little it is becoming an industry that moves a lot of money. Check out with us the most interesting DIY projects you can do.

How to disassemble an Xbox 360.

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Update: We've revamped the tutorial to make it easier and more explanatory, check out the new tutorial to disassemble your Xbox 360.

There are thousands of ways to disassemble an Xbox 360you can throw it off a rooftop, you can hit it with a baseball bat, or you can read on and trust in How to do to disassemble your console through these steps and a great video, here goes:

We will need a 2" Allen key and a flathead screwdriver of that calibre as well.

1º) Make sure you have disconnected the Xbox 360.

2º) Put your finger through the front USB slot and press outwards, this will allow you to remove the front cover.

Xbox 360


How to change the hard disk in a PS3 Slim.

PS3 Slim

Like many you may know by now, Sony has released a new console, the PS3 SlimIt is slimmer than the previous one and just as powerful. The way of changing hard disks of these consoles does not differ much from the previous one, but just in case, I bring you a video that will clarify everything for you.

Simple, fast and efficient, just the way I like things.

How to disassemble a Nintendo DSi.

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PSP Fat | Wii | Xbox 360 Slim | PS2

In order not to leave the everyday, I bring you another installment of the series "Dismantling consoles"This time, not as usual in video, but with illustrations and written descriptions (in English but very easily understandable). As many of you know, this console has not been on the market for long, because the first thing our friends did, is to disassemble it completely to see all its insides, so here is the manual for your enjoyment.

Nintendo DSi disassembled

A great way to get a console that costs just €170.

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PSP Fat | Wii | Xbox 360 Slim | PS2

How to disassemble a ps3 (Playstation 3).

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | Nintendo DSi | PSP Fat | Wii | Xbox 360 Slim | PS2

PS3 Slim

Continuing our series "Dismantling consoles"I bring you a video on how to learn to dismantling our ps3 in an easy way.

As you can see, the unmentionable Playstation 3 is not at all complicated to dismantleSo, if you want to give it a good cleaning, or if you just want to take a look out of curiosity.

More on dismantling consoles: Xbox 360 | Nintendo DSi | PSP Fat | Wii | Xbox 360 Slim | PS2

Tutorial to change the hard drive of your PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Today I bring you a tutorial including video that I found interesting because of its great usefulness for users of this console. As many of us know, more and more consoles, and in this case the PS3The more customisable and more personalised they are, the greater the advantage when it comes to their use.

Without further ado, here is what I have to say the tutorial:

Change PS3 hard disk

How to change your PlayStation 3 hard disk drive

With this, we will have our amazing PS3 with a new hard drive to store in it as we see fit.

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