Comparison of home 3D printers, which one to buy?

Form 2 3D Printer

This is the decade of this technology, no doubt, hence we have made this 3D printer comparison, to get a general idea of where it stands and to compare the current scenario.

Although we have been reading about it for many years, it is only now that the big DIY companies are starting to get involved and invest in the technology that is revolutionising all kinds of markets.

There is a lot of movement but also a lot of ignorance about how easy it is to use this technology. It is very new and does not derive directly from any already known technology, but has appeared out of nowhere (we are talking about domestic environments, at industrial level they have been used for a long time), so with this comparison we are going to try to give you a better idea of how easy it is to use. some basic ideas for you to learn something about this world and you can see how the market is right now.