Thanks to the Internet you can read these lines, communicate in seconds with people on the other side of the world and access all the knowledge that humans have been accumulating for generations. There are many DIY projects related to the Internet and in this section you can find the ones we have published.

How to make your own Fotolog.

From Genbeta I discover a special they prepared to learn how to make a Fotolog on our ownAnd many of you will ask yourselves, what is a fotolog, let's go by parts. A fotolog, as its word indicates, is a blog in which we post photos of our events or of a specific theme, if you want more information you can go to the Wikipedia which is very well explained.


To begin with, we must know that we have several ways to make a photolog, mainly we will rely on CMS such as Wordpress (for those who do not know, is a program to make a blog, is the one I use). But even more logical would be to use a CMS that is designed solely and exclusively for making photologs, such as PixelpostIt is a very simple system to use but with the only drawback of having to use our own domain and hosting.

One of the most outstanding virtues of Pixelpost is the great amount of different themes that we can find, increasing exponentially the personalisation of the photolog and avoiding similar photologs around the net.


Another option we can look at is to use Wordpress with a theme made for photologs, in this case it could be more complex but the result could be the same or better, because Wordpress has a large number of followers so we will have more support throughout the web to solve any incident that happens to us.


The last option exposed by the Genbeta team was to use the images from Flickr together with TumblrThe great advantage of this option with respect to the previous ones is that it has a great capacity for automation, eliminating the need for many image uploads and cumbersome waiting times.

If you know more ways to make your own photologs, just let us know and we can discuss their use and complexity. For my point of view the one I like the most is Pixelpost, for its ease of use and customisation.

Como descargar de Megaupload y Rapidshare.

Desde siempre el ser humano en Internet ha ido intentando bajarse cuantas más cosas mejor y si con ello sentías que te ahorrabas dinero, mucho mejor.

Normalmente descargabamos de redes P2P, como las que usan eMule o Ares, pero han ido perdiendo adeptos por lo que tardaba en conectar a una descarga. Acto seguido salieron las redes P2M como Pando o Durie, pero tampoco han terminado de cuajar debido a la incomodidad de dichas plataformas. Y como muchos habréis escuchado, hoy día están muy de moda las descargas directas, como Rapidshare o Megaupload que aunque es muy incomodo, por eso de estar esperando para la siguiente descarga y demás,  la velocidad a la que podemos obtener los archivos que buscamos en muy buena. Y para más gustar, tenemos este curioso programa que te evita tener que estar rellenando los odiosos campos captcha y esperando para poner el siguiente archivo, ya que te deja hacer una cola de espera y te rellena automáticamente dichos campos.


JDownloader es un revolucionario programa que hace lo descrito anteriormente y que además no es necesario instalar y está programado en Java, para que sea válido para diferentes plataformas. A partir de aquí empieza una nueva era de la descarga en Internet, sin esperas, sin complicaciones.

How to watch HD videos on YouTube

As most of us know by now, YouTube is starting to implement the "High Definition" in their videosor at least those recorded in high definition. The only drawback is that for the moment they have it hidden, usable but hidden.

With a simple trick you can display these in high definition.and that is by adding a simple attribute at the end of a YouTube video link, what you need to add is &fmt=18I will give you an example.

This would be the URL you would see when searching for a video on YouTube:

No high definition

And this would be the URL of the video in question in high definition:

With high definition

As you can see, all the attribute does is to add a function in the bottom right-hand corner to switch between HD and normal, I hope it will be useful, until YouTube decides to unhide this function.

Instalar Wordpress en Windows, Linux y Mac.

Instalar Wordpress en Windows, Linux y Mac. 1

The Best WordPress Hosting

After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.


Navegando por uno de mis feeds, encontré unos magníficos tutoriales para instalar localmente Wordpress en las tres grandes plataformas, Windows, Linux y Mac OS X.

Os dejo los links directos a las páginas de sus creadores:

WordPress local en Windows (En Ayuda WordPress)

WordPress local en Linux (Ubuntu) (En Cybernautas)

WordPress local en Mac OS X (En Ayuda WordPress)

Unos grandes tutoriales que pensé que merecían estar aquí.

Como evitar que te pille tu jefe navegando.

Si ya has tenido malas esperiencias con tu jefe cuando navegabas dónde no debías y cuando no debías, llega este plugin para Firefox que añade un botón (Panic Button) en la barra de herramientas de tu navegador.

Botón del pánico

Este botón lo que hace es ocultar todas las ventanas de Firefox instantaneamente y cuando pase el peligro, podrás restaurarlas desde su icono de la barra de tareas de Windows. Así de fácil y eficaz, evitarás muchos disgustos y broncas.

Para descargarlo e instalarlo solo debes ir a la página del plugin.

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