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If there is one key device to be named in the growth of DIY computing, it is undoubtedly Arduino. Countless projects, simple and complex, can be made with these plates. You can see our product catalogue in our Arduino shop.

Since the first model (Arduino UNO) was launched, from its country of birth (Italy), this community has not stopped growing. Not only has the number of official boards and models available continued to grow, but compatible models from other manufacturers have also been developed.

Thanks to the open spirit with which these boards were born and have always had, it has been possible to develop a multitude of Arduino projects.

It has managed to significantly lower prices. This platform has never stopped growing, positioning itself as a reference for learning robotics and programming for the young and not so young.

Your first robot, a self-sufficient vegetable garden or humidity control for a basement. These are some of the clearest examples of projects to make with Arduino. Take a look at this section to get an idea of how amazing this world is.


Arduino animated Nativity Scene: the woodcutter

Bethlehem Portal with Arduino

Christmas is approaching and with it comes the tradition of setting up the Nativity Scene. Something so traditional can be linked to new technologies, as we shall see: why not modernise the Nativity Scene and use Arduino to bring the figures to life? Imagine the Ferris wheel spinning, the character in the well pulling out the real bucket, the sawyer sawing his trunk, the blacksmith hitting his anvil, the woodcutter chopping with his axe (which will be the one we will deal with in this article), controlling the lights, creating artificial sounds, ... Well, stop imagining and get down to work with this Christmas project to "arduinize the Nativity Scene".

Note: Obviously everything can be controlled from the same Arduino board, using the different connections offered by the board and extending the code of our sketch, achieving a "living" Bethlehem with a single board.


Home automation with Arduino: automatic climate control

Symbol for cold heat

A home automation system makes life easier and more comfortable. Now we can create an inexpensive automated system with Arduino, without the need for expensive PLCs and home automation devices.. The system can be installed in a living or working area to ensure that we are always at a comfortable temperature.

The experiment consists of creating a system that measures the ambient temperature and can switch on a heater or a cooling system, depending on the temperature detected. In this way, it will constantly maintain an ideal temperature in winter and summer without us having to lift a finger.

Arduino control via Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi USB Arduino

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are not two unrelated products, together they can make quite an interesting symbiosis and allow you to expand the range of possibilities of an Arduino board alone. You can also learn how the communication between software and hardware works to capture the essence of what is going on in your computer every time you perform an operation.

That's the great thing about Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you don't just create, you learn. And that's why they are two very powerful friends for your projects. In this article we show you how to make the links between Arduino and Raspberry Pi in order to be able to control your project Arduino using the software we created on the Raspi.


How to create an alarm for your home or business with the Arduino

Arduino UNO

If you are concerned about the security of your home and can't afford to pay for an expensive professional alarm system, you can create your own. cheap and simple alarm thanks to Arduino. In this tutorial we will explain how to create a very simple alarm that is able to detect when a door or window is opened and emit a sound.

If you are not very familiar with Arduino, we suggest you take a look at last week's post in which we did an introduction to this system that you will surely love.


Introduction to Arduino: an electronic universe on a single board

Arduino Logo

You may know what is Arduino Or maybe you are one of those who don't know it yet. Arduino is a low-cost board with a success comparable to that of the Raspberry Pi, although its uses are very different. This article is an introduction to this fantastic platform, but more case study articles will be published in the near future to show you what can be achieved with the Arduino.

In principle you don't need to have any knowledge of electronics or programming, as in the articles we will try to explain everything step by step. So don't worry in that sense, although if you already have some basics, so much the better. But when you start creating your projects with Arduino you will see how your knowledge of these techniques has increased, and practically without realising it, without effort. But you can always download this free practical PDF course on the Arduino platform.


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