Raspberry Pi projects

The revolution that Raspberry Pi projects have brought to the world of DIY electronics is unprecedented since the early days of Arduino boards.

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This small computer in the form of an SBC board and its great success, which was not so much due to the product itself, but rather to the large community that they have managed to attract around them and the projects they have managed to carry out.

Each and every one of them with the intention of getting the best possible performance out of a board of ridiculous dimensions. There are many competitors, but none that can boast as many achievements as Raspberry Pi already has behind it.

We can find from small projects like Media Centers, Retro Consoles to big inventions like security or meteorological centres, the imagination is the limit. We leave you with the Raspberry Pi projects we have published on ComoHacer.eu:

Raspberry Pi projects

Arduino control via Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi USB Arduino

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are not two unrelated products, together they can make quite an interesting symbiosis and allow you to expand the range of possibilities of an Arduino board alone. You can also learn how the communication between software and hardware works to capture the essence of what is going on in your computer every time you perform an operation.

That's the great thing about Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you don't just create, you learn. And that's why they are two very powerful friends for your projects. In this article we show you how to make the links between Arduino and Raspberry Pi in order to be able to control your project Arduino using the software we created on the Raspi.


How to create a web server with LAMP architecture with a Raspberry Pi


Would you like to host your own website on a server But you don't have enough money to pay the monthly hosting fees, or you're not convinced by the offers you're being offered, the inexpensive Raspberry Pi is the solution. This mini-PC costs around €40 for its most powerful version and thanks to its versatility can be transformed into almost anything.

Are you wondering what LAMP is, it refers to the infrastructure of a web server consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP/Perl. Since it's free software, you won't have to pay a cent for any of this and the hardware, as I said, is cheap. These servers are very reliable and powerful, if you look at them they are the dominant ones on the market.


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