Telephony has helped us to be in constant contact with others, and it is not exempt from being able to make DIY projects with this technology. Look through this section to see some interesting projects.

How to block calls with a hidden number on Android

You have probably received a call with a private number and when you answered it, it turned out to be someone playing a joke on you or offering you advertising. In these calls it is usually almost impossible to know the caller's number. The best thing to do in these cases is to block private numbers and force the caller to reveal their number. Today we will show you how to blocking against private numbers.

Mobile phone.


How to make a practical battery charger

How many times have you run out of battery in the middle of the countryside and have nowhere to charge it? With this practical article you will learn how to make your own battery charger.

What we need to create our loader is:

Battery holderWe can find them in any battery-operated toy, antique radio, etc. The size depends on how many we want to use at the same time.

Four-hole battery holder.

– Un charger old that is compatible with your mobile phone.

Mobile phone charger.


10 tips to make your phone battery last longer

Nowadays it is very rare to see someone who doesn't have a mobile phone, even the smallest ones have their own. Since the beginnings of this technology, one of the problems that has given manufacturers the most trouble is the battery issue, with so many new features and new details, the batteries are running out sooner and sooner. Below, I show you 3 of the 10 tips on how to save our mobile phone batteries:

Tips to increase the battery life of your mobile phone.

1.- The most important and obvious thing to do is to turn off the device when you are not using it, for example at night, the alarm will remain active, don't worry.

Turn off all connections when you don't need them, Wireless, Bluetooth and GPS can drain your battery very quickly.

3.- Try to use dark wallpapers, screens need less energy to generate these colours.

The rest of the tips can be found at Geek GT.

Mobile phone charger holder

Lately it's all about reuse, and why not if there are still a lot of objects with a very long useful life. In this case we will use a bottle of water to make an original mobile phone charger holderSome of you may think it's useless, but I think it's original and usable, here is the photo:

Support for charging your mobile phone with a water bottle

Ultra simple to make and environmentally friendly, an all in one, and if you want to make another model, here is one with a bottle of shampoo:


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