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The world of video games and consoles has been with us for decades, but little by little it is becoming an industry that moves a lot of money. Check out with us the most interesting DIY projects you can do.

Make your own Raspberry Pi Console Emulator and enjoy thousands of games.

Raspberry Pi Console Emulator

Once again we come across one of the star projects that we have at our disposal for Raspberry Pi. It is a Raspberry Pi Console Emulator which will allow us to play more than 30,000 games from over 56 consoles.

My Retro Console

Set up your own NES-style Retro Console, with thousands of games pre-installed on its high-speed SSD.

My Retro Library

My Retro Library

The biggest Retro Library on the Internet. Enjoy thousands of retro and not so retro games without taking up a single GB of your hard drive.

External Hard Disk Drive

Hard Drive with My Retro Library

If you don't want to subscribe to My Retro Library to access your games in the cloud, you can buy a hard disk with all the games already in it.

As I say, it has always been a star project. But it wasn't until the power of the new Raspberry Pi arrived that many of those people who needed something more were encouraged.

And with this console we can emulate games from up to PlayStation, PSP or Dreamcast.

But what can we really do with this Raspberry Pi Console Emulator?


Repair the 3 red lights on your Xbox 360 for good

For several months now, I have been working in my spare time on repairing the problems of the well-known 3 red lights on the Xbox 360I decided to record the process in one of them so that you all know how I do it so that they never come out again. All over the Internet there are many tutorials explaining this, but I can say from experience that with these consoles, to give an excellent and lasting result, it is not enough with just one trick.

Basically what happens to this console to make it so problematic is excessive heat, resulting in the following:


How to disassemble an Xbox 360


Update: If you are looking to fix the 3 red lights problem for good, I recommend you to watch the tutorial we have created for that purpose.

We are once again demonstrating our YouTube channel to present a new video, this time we explain how to disassemble an Xbox 360 to be able to clean or repair it later, which we have also made another video that we will present later. As we can see, first we will have to remove the front of the console to be able to access the grips that hold it, the next step is to remove the parts that are on the sides of it.

At this point we will have to be careful not to break any of the hooks, we will use a very thin screwdriver or a paper clip to push the hooks through the ventilation holes and under some of the rubber bands of the legs.


Learn how to repair your old Nintendo NES console with this video


Another new video from our YouTube quarryIn this case and following on from the article we wrote the other day about disassembling a Nintendo NES, we talked about how to repair the flicker errors commonly encountered with the Nintendo NES.

Materials and tools

Normal alcohol for curing.

Thick paper napkins.

Small flat-blade screwdriver.

Thread cutter or cutter.

With the board now completely disassembled, we have to look for the chip called "U10 CIC". which is located at the bottom of the board, the one that is closest to the power supply. In this chip we will have to cut pin 4The top and the bottom of the game, both from the top and from the bottom, all this to unlock the region protection that prevented the use of American or Japanese games and caused flickering with some games.


How to disassemble a Nintendo NES


If you want to disassemble your Nintendo NES console to clean it or fix it, this is your video. As we can see it is a very easy console to disassemble, we just need a medium Phillips screwdriver and a bit of skill. First we will remove the upper casing, to do this we have to remove the six screws that we see at the bottom of the console.

When we uncover it, we see a protective metal casing from which we also have to remove the screws that hold it in place. Right after we remove the two screws that are on the power supply and the six screws that hold the floppy drive, very attentive at this point because the two central screws are a little longer than the rest.

Now we can lift the whole board and disconnect the three connectors on the bottom right side of the board, I recommend to be careful not to confuse two of the connectors that are on the bottom right side of the board, so as not to confuse two of the connectors that are on the right side of the board. visibly the same and they may get confused later on. At this point, the only thing left to do is to remove the bus where the games are plugged in, which is snapped in. With all this, we would now have the Nintendo NES disassembled and ready to be repaired or cleaned.

More information - YouTube channel

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