How it works

In every enquiring mind there is the curiosity to know how it works or how something is manufactured, through these articles we will be able to see a multitude of machines The project has a specific purpose, very interesting and instructive at the same time.

How a computer works on the inside

The computer has become a very important tool in our lives in recent years. Many of the tasks we perform nowadays are related to computers, for example, work, studies, etc. However, to get this powerful tool to become what it is today, many advances have been necessary. Today we will explain through a curious video how a computer works inside.

How a computer works


How a CD works

The CD's ó compact discs are some of the most widely used mass storage devices in the world. This type of disc uses a metallic layer with a coating that allows it to store a large amount of binary data with higher audio and video quality than traditional analogue systems.

Compact discs ...

How Google works on the inside

Yesterday we launched the How it is made section, and today we bring you a new section called How it works. In this curious section we will introduce you to the inner workings of all things around us.Have you ever wondered what's inside our watch to make it work like this, or perhaps what's behind the most famous websites on the Internet? In Como Hacer we will find out every Sunday the operation of something different that is sure to surprise you.

In today's article we will show you everything behind the famous search engine Google. When we enter their website we see a simple bar where we enter our searches, however, this simple bar hides the work of thousands and thousands of people.

How Google works on the inside


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