How it is made

If you want to know how it is made Whatever the product, these articles will make you happy. A multitude of videos that will show you the manufacturing processes of things so that you don't go to bed without knowing something new.

Dimmer for one lamp


If you want to create a more pleasant atmosphere in your living room and you don't have the budget to control it, this is the solution. voltage regulator circuit based on a triac. For very little money, and even using recycled materials, you can build your own dimmer switch. This way you can raise or lower the light in a room according to your needs at any given moment. You can use it for a table lamp as well as for one of your ceiling lights, as long as it is for normal or energy saving bulbs (not for LEDs or fluorescent bulbs).



How PC keyboards are made

PC keyboards are hardware devices or peripherals for direct communication between the user and the computer, allowing you to enter data or control actions conveniently and using your own language. These devices are generally made of different materials and have a sturdy physical part that is used for communication with the user. This section has keys, bars and an internal part with integrated circuits that translates the information and takes it to electrical impulses that will be decoded inside the computer to execute the given order.

PC keyboards ...

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