DIY has many faces and one of them had to be drawing, a section especially focused on the youngest and most creative people.

How to build a homemade Stylus

Many draughtsmen use an electronic drawing board to digitise their designs and have more freedom when drawing. The new devices from Apple such as the iPadthe iPhone and the iPod Thouch incorporates drawing functions through which you can directly digitise your drawings.. These applications allow the use of devices called Stylus.

A Stylus is nothing more than a biro that replaces the typical tip with a sponge that allows you to draw in the traditional way as if you were using a piece of paper..

Stylus on an iPhone


How to paint our models or miniatures

In this article you will learn how to paint small objects such as models or miniatures like the famous Warhammer.

To learn this technique well we need to have the necessary tools and space. The most important tools are the brushes. Normally, several brushes are necessary as each one is used to paint a specific area. The most important brushes are:

Types of brushes for miniatures.


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