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How to make a reflex camera

Recently we published a special on how to make a pinhole camera, well, today I am going to show you a Canon manual to make a complete reflex camera out of balsa wood, here is the final sample:

Wooden reflex camera

As you may have deduced, it is quite complicated to make, so be patient. You can also look for some second-hand analogue cameras on the Internet, but they won't have the same charm as this one. I leave you the list of necessary tools and the manual itself.

Seen on Techtastico

How to make a tripod

In this article we will show you a simple trick and how to build a practical stabiliser or accessory for capturing images with any camera, whether compact, SLR or camcorder, although it is not exactly a tripod, but more like a monopod. It is ideal, for example, for taking panoramic images.

Homemade monopod

It basically consists of a system using a rope that allows us to block the Y-axis of the camera and a possible movement while taking pictures or recording video.

It is very cheap to make (we can even have the materials already at home), it can be stored and transported without any problem, it does not weigh and most importantly, it is practical and can be assembled in less than 20 seconds.

We can create it from a tripod, as shown below, but if you don't have one, read on, as we show you how to do it from scratch below.


Special: How to make a camera

It is not really a camera any one, but a pinhole camera with a box of matches. The tutorial is translated into English from the original website. In principle, as you can imagine, this kind of cameras are not designed for common use, but for those who are fond of artistic photography, it can be very useful, of course, although I am not fond of photography, I will make one to tinker a little.


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