Electronics opens up a world full of possibilities in the creation of inventions, in this category you have great examples of this.

How to put a thermometer on your computer.

Thanks to Migue, I find in FORAT this curious "gadget" for our computer. A thermometer that will help us to know that ambient temperature is inside our PC. Very well explained and step by step.


According to the author, the thermometer in question is from an old refrigerator, the sole purpose of which was to make a bulge. This thermometer measured the internal temperature of the fridge.


How to make a multitouch device.

From LeeMiBlog, I find a very curious video for make your own multitouch step by step which will cost you between €3.5 and €35, depending on the materials you want to use. Yes, a bit rudimentary, but it works like a charm. But as it is clear, the secret lies in the software of recognition.


-Cardboard box.

-Piece of something flat, rigid and transparent (glass, plexiglass, etc...).

-Paper (Folio paper, or any kind of paper).

-Webcam or video camera.

Computer (if it is a dual-core, the better, but it is not necessary).

-And optionally a photo frame.

-Tbeta software.



Special: How to make a metal detector I


In this first special invention, I'll show you how to make a step-by-step metal detector like mine, I will try to make this post usable for all audiences, but it is inevitable that those who have no idea about electronics will not know anything about it. For those interested, it is not a 1000€ detector, it is a detector to entertain yourself building it, however it has nothing to envy to the most mediocre detectors (between 100 and 400€), I spent a total of about 50€, and it gave me enough to buy the materials. to make three detectorsIn addition, in our shop you have all the necessary components to make the board at the best possible price.

The detection depth is not bad either (this does not usually vary much between detectors), it is about 10cm with the smallest coins (1, 2 and 5 cents). So that you can start to get your teeth into it before you start:


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