Electronics opens up a world full of possibilities in the creation of inventions, in this category you have great examples of this.

Build a cheap audiobook player with Raspberry Pi


Audiobook with Raspberry Pi

The audiobooks or audiobooksThese are editions of the books that have been voice-recorded so that the visually impaired, those who have trouble reading or anyone who wants to enjoy a moment of literature while closing their eyes peacefully lying on the sofa, can use them.

There are already many audiobooks of the most important titles in literature, but if you want to listen to any other technical or non-technical book, you can listen to them, you can pass it to voice with some applications such as TextAloud (Loquendo) for Windows or Linux alternatives such as eSpeak, capable of converting any text to speech and storing it in an mp3 file. Or use a routine method, read the text and record it with a microphone. ...

Create your own security recording system with Raspberry Pi and Foscam

Foscam and Raspberry Pi recording system

I came across this project the other day and found it very interesting both to show you how to do it and to start distributing Foscam cameras, which it must be said, for chinese they are one of the best I've seen in terms of quality/price.. The idea is to create a closed recording circuit that can be accessed from anywhere, as we use Raspberry Pi as a switchboard for the cameras that we have configured.

Basically, what we will do is to order the cameras that when they detect movement, they save a capture via FTP in a specific folder on the Raspberry Pi.


Comparison of commercial drones for recreational use


Drone comparison

Although we all know it as dron, Spanish for "drone", the Spanish word for "drone". drone (which literally translated means drone), in Spanish there is the name UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and in English UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). As its name suggests, it is an aircraft that flies without a crew and their sizes vary depending on the applications they are used for. They can be as large as an aeroplane or as small as a toy, for recreational or military use.

It's funny, but for distinguishing a drone from a missile (an unmanned flying object), the only distinguishing feature is that it the drone o UAV is reusable and the missile does not. Curiosities aside, it should be explained that their history dates back to World War II, when they were used to train anti-aircraft gun operators with objects that flew unmanned to act as targets. ...

Comparison and analysis: Raspberry Pi vs competition

Raspberry Pi 2019 models
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After the analysis of Arduino and compatible boards comes this new comparison of Arduino and compatible boards. Raspberry Pi boards and their competition. We hope to create the same effect as with the previous mega post and help people to be clearer about the current board landscape in order to make the best choice.

Many people confuse the Raspberry Pi with a miniPC and this is not the case. The Nettop or miniPC is a desktop type computer. Small From Factor (SFF) such as Micro-ATX motherboards. In addition, they usually run Linux-based or embedded operating systems, with architectures typically based on ARM (also x86, among others).


Comparative analysis of Arduino boards (official and compatible)

As with Linux distributions, Arduino also has a multitude of editions, each one designed for a specific audience or for a specific set of tasks. There is such a variety of official, unofficial and compatible models that it is not uncommon for people to be unable to differentiate the exact features of each of these wonderful boards.

For that reason, in this mega post we are going to detail all models official ones existing today, as well as exposing some of the interesting unofficial and compatible ones. You should bear in mind that the official Arduino models amount to almost a quarter of a hundred at the moment, and that there may be hundreds if we add the compatible and unofficial ones. ...

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