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In every enquiring mind there is the curiosity to know how it works or how something is manufactured, through these articles we will be able to see a multitude of machines The project has a specific purpose, very interesting and instructive at the same time.

Turn your traditional torch into an LED torch

Turn your traditional torch into an LED torch 1
Cegasa 1040 torch with LED switched light 1W

We all have at home any torch using conventional lamps incandescent filament lamps, which consume an enormous amount of batteries and also provide little light.

While filament bulbs produce around 14 lumens per watt, LED technology now produces 100 lumens per watt (and up to 160 lumens in the best Cree LEDs, improving year on year), as well as having a much longer estimated life.

Although torches with the much more efficient LED lighting are already on sale, we can modify an old lantern and have fun and learn along the way, by replacing your incandescent lamp with one or more LEDs. ...

How car catalytic converters work

Modern vehicles have adapted to run on clean, i.e. lead-free petrol. Even so, vehicles must use an exhaust cleaning system to avoid environmental pollution. For this reason, they must incorporate a catalytic oxidation catalytic converter in their exhausts that allows a catalytic oxidation of the gases that pass through the exhaust, so that they react to reduce the amount of toxic gases in the environment. In this article, we will look at how these car catalytic converters work.

Car catalytic converter


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