Comparison of commercial drones for recreational use


Drone comparison

Although we all know it as dron, Spanish for "drone", the Spanish word for "drone". drone (which literally translated means drone), in Spanish there is the name UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and in English UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). As its name suggests, it is an aircraft that flies without a crew and their sizes vary depending on the applications they are used for. They can be as large as an aeroplane or as small as a toy, for recreational or military use.

It's funny, but for distinguishing a drone from a missile (an unmanned flying object), the only distinguishing feature is that it the drone o UAV is reusable and the missile does not. Curiosities aside, it should be explained that their history dates back to World War II, when they were used to train anti-aircraft gun operators with objects that flew unmanned to act as targets.

But it was not until the end of the 20th century and early 21st centuryThe first drones were developed and began to be radio-controlled. The Gulf War and the Bosnian War served as a platform for the development of these devices, which today can also be used for non-military purposes.

Many companies have started to develop drones for civilian use, Even large companies such as the Linux Foundation, Google and Amazon are targeting these devices, the latter to use them as delivery vehicles for packages purchased from its online shop in the future.

The Dronecode project is worthy of admiration and has been created by the Linux Foundation as a free and open source drone development platform, so as not to leave the development of these powerful tools to large corporations, making the technology shareable and usable by anyone.

To conclude this introduction, let's review the state of the legal landscape in Spain (fragmented, as there are different rules in each autonomous community). The law is temporary, somewhat confusing and has yet to be shored up. But it seems that drones weighing less than 2kg will not have to have any kind of documentation, as long as they are used for recreational and non-commercial purposes. In general, they will not be able to be used in housing developments, only in special areas (airfields, specially designated areas, in the countryside, etc...).

Note: this article contains some affiliate links (Amazon and eBay) which help us to finance ourselves if you purchase any of the drones through them, thank you very much!

Drone comparison

There are many different types of helicopters, such as the helicopter type or the quadracopterosthat is to say, with four propellers. Here we present the most interesting models for the moment and we will update them as new products are launched on the market:

3D Robotics IRIS+

3D Robotics IRIS+

Robotics is one of the great, For around 600 dollars we can have this flying drone with which we can take great photos. 3DR has created an autopilot similar to that of Erle-Robotics for the automatic navigation of this drone. In general, it is a very simple drone with 4 propellers and very similar characteristics to the others. It is available with a frequency of 915Mhz for the US territory or if you want to fly it in the rest of the world, with 433Mhz frequencies.

3DR Robotics SOLO

Robotics 3DR

Smart drone that you will want to have and that 3DR Robotics brings us with this other model called Solo. Its design is quite good, with good finishes and with two 1Ghz processors to give it "intelligence" and control the other features without affecting the flight control performance, which will be controlled by a Pixhawk processor from the firm. Thanks to an agreement with GoPro, it can mount this type of camera and take control from the remote control. Features and price are similar to those of a Phantom 2, i.e. around €1000, although if you want it with a balancing system it goes up to €1400.

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It is a project that is being funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It is a mini drone capable of flying with its integrated camera to be able to take selfies and recordings with a very small size. The company AirSelfie Holdings Ltd from London is responsible for its development. It has already raised more than half a million euros for development, and its features are similar to those of the SELFLY, including the feature that allows it to be integrated into a smartphone case.

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AXIS Aerius Drone

AXIS Aerius

A tiny drone that is barely bigger than a coin and can therefore be used in small spaces such as the interiors of a house. Its small size gives it agility and an autonomy of about 7 minutes (80mAh battery) that can be recovered after only 15 minutes of charging. It can be programmed with two speeds and has sensors for its movement. Being so small you can take it anywhere and it is available in 4 different colours. And the best thing is its price, around 35€.

Big RC Quadcopter Intruder

BIg RC Intruder

It is an affordable drone, around 60€. Its architecture is the same as the Parrot AR.Drone, although for that price it doesn't have the same qualities as the Parrot. It is agile and with its radio control it allows a control radius of up to 100 metres. It can also make 360º loops thanks to a 6-axis gyroscope. The integrated battery is slightly better than that of the UFO U816 and therefore its autonomy is increased to 12 minutes.



Blade provides good value for money. Affordable quadcopter, as you can find it for a price of about 60 €. With SAFE technology to give you very good control, agility and stability. Due to its small size it can be flown even indoors, it is lightweight and has powerful brush motors. As it is not too big, it has a 150mAh LiPo battery which gives it sufficient autonomy and can be charged via USB. A good option if you want simplicity and something economical.

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DJI Inspire

DJI Inspire

DJI is one of the most important and professional drone manufacturers and has left us other interesting models in addition to the Phantom, such as the Inspire 1 and 2. This is a cinema drone, with 25 minutes of uninterrupted flight, and similar characteristics to the other drones offered by DJI. The difference is its camera, which, as we have said, is a cinema camera. It is a 4k camera for photos and H.264 video, with support for CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes, and 4444XQ technology. The downside of this drone is that you'll have to fork out around €3,000 to capture incredible images.

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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

For around €2500 we have a DJI Mavic Pro, a small drone that folds up to take up less space and can then be unfolded for flying. With its new OcuSync system it can have a transmission range of up to 7km, an attractive distance to reach with the controller. The speed is up to 64km/h, a blistering speed for a commercial drone. The camera supports 4k and incorporates ActiveTrack and TapFly technologies for professional video. The rest of the features are similar to those of the Phantom, without forgetting the safety measures to which DJI is accustomed.

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DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom 3

Versions include the Phantom 1, Phantom FC40 (which is a modification of the previous one), Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision and 2 Vision+ (with improvements regarding the integrated camera), as well as the Phantom 1, Phantom 2 Vision and 2 Vision+ (with improvements regarding the integrated camera), as well as the DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4which are the most up to date and powerful. In fact, version 4 is one of the most advanced camera drones you can find in the world of drones, but that comes at a price of over €1000.

For a start, its design is aerodynamic and allows a GoPro or other lightweight cameras to be mounted in its housing. Careful attention is paid to assembly and software before it is shipped to shops and every detail is taken care of, including charging the advanced LiPo batteries. It contains a remote control and receiver, rather than relying on an app as seen previously. Thanks to the remote's antenna it can have a fairly wide range, especially considering it can climb up to 6000m in altitude. And it has an anti-interference design for a more reliable link. It integrates an advanced dynamic system (Naza-M+) with GPS for great flight performance and the ability to switch between two flight modes: Control Mode and GPS. Phantom has an intelligent orientation control function called IOC thanks to Naza-M+. It also has a fail-safe system that allows the Phantom to return home if the GPS signal is good, in case of RF controller failure or if the signal is lost. Another protection system will protect the battery from possible voltage damage. All this is complemented by a flight speed of around 72 km/h (20m/s) and a vertical speed of up to 6 m/s, LED indicators, GoPro camera mount included, a 5320 mAh LiPo 3S battery weighing only 462g and with a battery life of up to 28 min. DJI also provides a professional case with protection for safe storage and transport of the drone.

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Dron Ball

Drone Ball

It is ideal for beginners, as it has rods forming a kind of protective ball that protects it from any collisions and therefore avoids damage during those first flights. It has two speeds and can do good acrobatics. The price is around 70€.

Eachine E010 Mini

Eachine e010

This is the best low-cost toy drone on the market. So if you want one of these camera-less drones to have some fun outside or inside buildings, you can buy the Eachine for around €20. It's a quadcopter with 6-axis rotation, 2.4G remote control, low weight and small size. It can move 360 degrees and has great manoeuvrability, plus a return button to bring it back "home".

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Erle-Robotics Erle-Copter

The Erle-Copter is a quadcopter drone developed by the Spanish company Erle Robotics. This drone will cost around €299 base price and is particularly interesting as it is the first drone to use Ubuntu Core as its system and the first to connect to the mavros ROS package by WiFi, telemetry and USB automatically to have the vehicle constantly updated with new features, maintain reliability and install apps available from the first App Store for drones that have also been created between Erle-Robotics and Canonical. Erle-Robotics will also provide other interesting solutions such as Erle-Brain (APM), the first autopilot for drones that has been developed. In terms of technical features, Erle-Copter has GPS, WiFi, 2.4Ghz radio control, more than 30 sensors, piezoelectric buzzer to emit sound, Li-Po battery for better autonomy, and a flight computer based on ARM Cortex-A8 1Ghz, 4GB of eMMC memory and microSD slot, capable of running Linux. The whole package weighs about 2Kg.


Erle Hexacopter

Linux-based Hexacopter (and support for the ROS framework) from Spanish startup Erle-Robotics. It allows apps to be developed for this drone thanks to the ROS SDK, and this, together with its support for Linux (Snappy Ubuntu Core), opens up a range of possibilities. It has APM autopilot and 4GB of eMMC and microSD card capacity for storage. Its WiFi connection is simple with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands to create a hotspot and connect to any network. As for the battery, it is LiPo (with a 15min battery life of 5000mAh) and compatible with Power Modules from different suppliers. Although it is a lightweight drone, it can carry up to 2kg. It is priced at €999.

Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 2.0

Extreme Fliers MicroDrone 2

Another toy that As its name suggests, it is quite small in size. It is cheap and highly recommended for beginner drone pilots. It carries a 720p camera and its size is quite small. The battery life is up to 8 minutes. The American manufacturer offers a version without camera which costs less than 100€ and a slightly more expensive version which integrates the camera module into the kit.

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Fleye drone

Fleye drone looking like a ball

It is designed by Belgian startup Fleye. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund it and for around €699 you can get this spherical-shaped drone. The Fleye runs based on Yocto Project, a Linux derivative and with a dual-core Cortex-A9 NXP i.MX6 chip from Freescale with 800Mhz and 512MB of RAM. The board also has a slot for microSD, WiFi, etc... There are Developer Edition and Power Edition versions that integrate a quadcore and 1GB of RAM, as well as 8GB of storage and WiFi with MIMO. Thanks to its sensors and GPS, Fleye will be able to navigate the sky and take good pictures with its 5MP HD camera capable of storing MP4 video at 1080p@30fps in the SD.


GoPro Karma

The prestigious firm of high quality cameras for sport and risky activities, GoPro, has also wanted to enter the drone market with its own design, the Karma. Being an image-focused company, they have taken great care with the quality and stability for recording or capturing photos. You can remove GoPro's Hero camera (capable of recording in 4k) and carry it on your body or hold it in your hand for other types of non aerial recordings. The drone also folds up so you can take it anywhere you want in a much smaller space. All for a price of about €869 or about €119 with Black camera, although the firm has been forced to withdraw it due to problems during the flight, but it will be back.



It is a drone specifically for photography and video and that records autonomously, so it has similar characteristics to the previous one. An original design equipped with a high quality GoPro camera to take good videos and photographs from the heights. The interesting thing is that it can follow us completely autonomously, something like Lily intended. Programming is done via smartphone and the drone's own control system will navigate autonomously, following us from the air and keeping us within the frame of the camera lens. It can be at a distance of 50m from us and with a speed of 70km/h. All for a price of over €1000.

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Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4

Hubsan has several drone models, such as the H107C-HD and the X4, both of which are quite similar in terms of features. The X4, a quadrocopter drone with a 0.3MP video camera with a recording module included (requires a microSD card), remote control unit and a 380mAh/3v7 battery that allows it to fly for 7 min (charging time is estimated at 40 min via USB cable). It has four coreless electric motors. It works with a frequency of 2.4 Ghz and 4 channels. For flight control it has a 6-axis system and a gyroscope, which gives it a very stable flight. The lightweight fuselage allows for a higher speed and a longer range. It is priced at less than €100, and there are even offers for less than €70. The difference with the H107C-HD is basically the camera, which in this one is HD with 1600×120 pixels resolution and the price goes up to 90€.

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iHelicopter is a different drone from the others, shaped like a helicopter and with a single central propeller. Its price is under €20. It can be operated from Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, with a turbo function for more fun and the ability to use the device's movements to control the flying device thanks to Motion Control. It has a video camera to record what happens at those heights and with the capacity to record quite a lot of images thanks to the 512MB SD card, a pity that its flight autonomy only lasts 7 minutes.

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Jet Fighter Air Force X

Fighter Air X

Drone As with the iHelicopter, this drone departs from the typical architecture and its manufacturers have created it in the shape of a fighter plane. Despite its design, it also has four propellers. It is lightweight and has a 3-axis stabilisation system. It is safe and its radio control allows it to be operated from a distance of up to 100 metres. It can fly inside buildings and is not recommended to reach heights of over 100m. Its price is quite low, only about 30€.

JJRC Tarantula X6

JJRC Tarantula

Tarantula costs around €70 (you can choose with or without camera), so it belongs to the cheap Chinese drones that could look like just another toy. However, it has been the talk of the web, and competitors such as Syma or Eachine have not been able to compete with it. It is similar to a Syma X5C in terms of features and functionality. But what is astounding is its sheer speed and power, making it a good racing drone. It is one of the fastest commercial drones, similar to the speeds of some special racing drones.

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For a few euros you can find this drone second hand, as its sale is dead. Its design is nice, and it seems to be of quality, but it seems that users are not too happy and some purchases have ended in lawsuits and returns. On the other hand, if you look at the expectations it is very attractive, as it promises to be the first drone capable of taking selfies. But there's nothing wrong with the drone itself, it's what it seems, the only thing that hasn't been liked are the promotional videos that are misleading because of the selfie camera that didn't work... In short, if you want a drone to fly it and take pictures, it could be a bargain for the prices at which it is sold second-hand, but if you believe the advertising and want a drone to take selfies on the move, we don't recommend it at all.

Multiaction Drone

Multiaction Drone

Multiaction Drone is a small drone with the appearance of an insect, it is versatile and cheap, with an outlay of just €160 you can get the pack with all the accessories. It is especially suitable for those who want to record videos, as it offers good quality in this regard (considering its price).

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

AR.Drone 2.0 is more than just a toy and is therefore priced at around €200. There are several editions of this base drone, such as the AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition (includes a set of three different propellers to swap and two batteries to extend the autonomy up to 36min), Elite Edition (with jungle, snow and sand camouflage colours) and GPS Edition (implements GPS mode). Basically it contains a 720p HD camera to record video and capture photos with a remote device or USB flash drive. It is piloted with the AR.Freeflight app, from which you can operate the cameras and get navigation data. It is made of high-quality lightweight materials, such as carbon fibre, insulating foam, waterproof nano-coating, nylon, etc., all of which are repairable. It has an on-board computer with a 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 CPU and an 800Mhz TMS320DMC64x DSP for video control, with 1GB of DDR2 RAM. It runs on the Linux 2.6.32 kernel and supports USB 2.0 and WiFi. The control system has a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, pressure sensor, ultrasound sensor for altitude measurement, etc... The 4 brushless inrunner motors allow it to fly high and fast, with Nylatron gears the noise is low and they are controlled by a microcontroller with 8-bit AVR architecture like the ones we can find in Arduino boards. Its battery is 1000mAh, so its autonomy increases considerably (18 min) with respect to previous models.

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Parrot BeBop Drone

Parrot Bebop

There are several versions of this Parrot drone, one is the BeBop 1 and the most recent, version 2. There are also packs such as the FPV, which instead of the 549€ base cost 699€ but integrates Skycontroller 2. Drone with a Fisheye camera (fisheye) of high resolution Full HD 1080p of 14MP and a new electronic stabilisation system, allowing a 180º view. It has 8GB of memory and GPS system. It can be operated from a handheld device like the rest via WiFi and with a radius of 300 meters, with the possibility of being extended to a maximum range of 2 km with an extra antenna. It is very light thanks to its glass fibre reinforced ABS material and its robustness is guaranteed. In case of a crash, it automatically stops its propellers and has an Emergency mode to make it land immediately. A PPE housing included in the package ensures that it is safe to fly inside a building. The computer that controls it is 8 times more powerful than the AR.Drone 2.0 and is mounted on a magnesium bracket for electromagnetic shielding and better cooling. It runs on Linux and has an SDK for its development that is completely openly available. For extreme stability and manoeuvrability, Bebop has 3-axis sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) plus an 8m range ultrasound sensor, pressure sensor and a vertical camera to measure the speed of movement. You can manage it thanks to the FreeFlight 3.0 app, and thanks to the GPS you can plan flight routes and save more than 350 different ones, and the flight will be made thanks to the integrated GNSS chip (compatible with Glonass and Galileo), with an accuracy of only +/-2m. The speed it can reach is around 11.2 m/s (about 40 km/h) and the maximum altitude is 200 metres.

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Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco drone

It is a revolution, as it seems to break away from the classic quadcopters with a fixed-wing concept. Parrot has surprised this 2016 not only for its design, but also for its speed, as the Parrot Disco can reach up to 80km/h, a very high speed for a commercial drone. Its 700g weight and aerodynamics mean that the rear propeller can propel the device up to this speed. It will have autonomous landing capability, 14MP camera integrated into its aerodynamic aesthetics, control via Parrot's SkyController or RF control, view the images captured in real time with FPV glasses thanks to its WiFi, battery life of 45 minutes, etc...

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Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil

Parrot Hydrofoil for water

Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil, this drone is out of context, as the medium through which it travels is water. If we look at it closely, it is basically a quadcopter drone attached to a body in the form of a navigable boat. Parrot has sought a robot that can operate in both water and air (if we separate its nautical structure), transferring unique qualities to this drone. It can hover 5 to 6 cm above the water with amazing stability and agility, and can reach a cruising speed of 5.4 knots and turn without capsizing. It is priced at around €70.

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Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

It's available for just over €70, for which you can find the MiniDrone Rolling SpiderThe aircraft has a very good flight agility. It has a system that short-circuits the power supply to the propeller motors in the event of an impact, to prevent damage. It weighs just 55 grams and is 6 times lighter than the AR Drone. It is designed to be flown indoors, can roll and has a 3-axis control system. It has a vertical camera for recording and can be controlled with the FreeFlight 3 app (compatible with Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows Phone) from a mobile device with Bluetooth. Its autonomy is about 8 min (full charge in 90 min) and its control range is about 20 metres. It is powered by the Linux operating system.

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Project funded by crowdfounding from Kickstarter to make another type of drone, a drone specially designed to make selfies and self-recordings. An idea that is not new, as we have seen others such as Lily, etc..., which were created for this purpose. The innovative thing about this drone is its size, which can be integrated into the casing of a smartphone due to its small size. In fact, the project's website describes it as a camera housing with automatic flight capability, just 9mm thick and that can fit in your pocket so you can take it with you wherever you are.

Syma X5

Syma x5C

A toy you can afford for only €60, so don't expect spectacular features either. It integrates a 720p camera and high photo resolution (with the integrated 2 GB SD card you can record up to 30 minutes of video or 800 photos). It has a 6-axis system for absolute stability and can make a large number of 360º movements. The battery is a 500mAh Po-Li battery and can reach a flight time of 5-8 minutes. The range of the remote control is no more than 50 or 80m, so don't expect much.

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Inexpensive, reasonably priced (approx. 75€) quadcopter, a good indoor and outdoor toy with video capabilities. It is resistant despite the appearance of its materials and finishes, as well as easy for beginners. On the downside, you can't see in real time what is being filmed, it can't be controlled by smartphone apps, and its autonomy doesn't last more than 10 minutes. It includes 1GB of memory thanks to a microSD that comes with it.

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UFO U816

It is a quadcopter, i.e. a four-propeller, saucer-shaped drone with a very low price tag of around €40. It is easy to fly, fast and precise, capable of 360° loops. It has a slow mode and a fast mode and this RC device will allow you to enjoy up to 8 minutes of autonomy.

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Walkera Dragonfly QR Spacewalker Micro OctocopterMicro

Micro Optokopter

Such a long name hides behind it another small toy, shaped like a car body, which is out of the ordinary with its eight rotors. It has a 600mAh battery and weighs only 70 grams. It has a controller with DEVO 12 technology and integrates a decoding system based on an ARM microcontroller. With its 6-axis gyroscope it will be easy to handle for beginners. It is light, small and you can get it for just over 100€ (with battery, manual, charger, USB cable, controller and drone).

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Walkera Dragonfly QR-X350

Dragonfly X350

Another highlight from Walkera is this rather professional drone for a price of around €300. It has a GPS module similar to the DJI Phantom. Included in the package is a radio control and a Walkera DV04 camera with mount and also has one for mounting a GoPro camera on the drone. It has a 2200mAh LiPo battery and its autonomy is around 15 min. It has four brushless motors (brushless) capable of moving the kilos that this drone weighs. The design is quite similar to the Phantom, so it could be a good alternative to this one.

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Walkera QR Infra X Smart Drone

Walkera Infra X Drone

It's a highly recommended drone, like the Parrot and DJI drones, if you're looking for more than just a toy. You can get it from €60 and it is one of the best of the long list of the Asian brand Walkera (on their website you can find a wide variety of helicopters, quadrocopters and aeroplanes). It has 10 sensors that make it almost impossible to crash, with a control radius of up to 100 metres and a range of up to 7 minutes.

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Walkera Scout X4

Walkera Scout X4

Scout X4 is expensive, around 1500€ or more, but quite professional. Its features and design make it more similar to DJI's drones. It can be operated from a mobile device and thanks to its GPS you can plan flight routes and be tracked. Like the Phantom, it has a mode that remembers how to return "home". The Scout X4 allows real-time telemetry monitoring. It has the ability to transform its 4 engines into 8 to give it greater ability in certain circumstances. It has some interesting flight modes, such as circling an object, turning in a circle around a position marked on the GPS, heading to a point marked on the GPS, return in case of loss of control signal (1.5 km thanks to the DEVO remote control), etc... The battery is 5400mAh LiPo and can fly for up to 25 min. An iLook camera is included in the package, among other things.

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Xiaomi Mi Drone

Xiaomi Mi Drone

The fantastic Chinese manufacturer that has taken the high-performance, low-priced smartphone sector by storm has also wanted to expand into the laptop and drone sector. Despite being a Chinese manufacturer, it offers high quality and durability, a good design, but at a low price. The Xiaomi Mi Drone is a quadcopter for around €500 with a camera capable of recording in 4k, which is not inconsiderable. It is similar in style to DJI's Phantom 4, but at a price almost 3 times lower. Flight time is almost 30 minutes thanks to its 5100mAh battery. The Phantom 4 claims a battery life of around 28 minutes, but in practice it only lasts 20 minutes, while the Xiaomi only lasts 27 minutes. For the remote control, they offer the traditional control buttons with a range of 3km and a smartphone holder on which you can see what you are recording on the screen, all in comfort...

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Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec Q500

It is a good choice for recording professionals, as it integrates a 4k camera (although it also supports Full HD). It is extremely easy to operate and has great stability and portability, so it will provide good support for shooting video and taking accurate images. It has return-to-home, follow-me, watch-me, automatic landing and take-off functions and many more features. It's good value for money, for around €800 you can get a drone that has little to envy from the best.

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Zano in the palm of one hand

Although it is still a project in the development phase and financed by the famous crowdfunding system, we are presented from the Kickstarter website, this interesting drone that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is a small drone weighing just 55 grams and a size that does not exceed 6.5cm, which makes it quite agile. It has an IR sensor and a GPS system to dodge obstacles and avoid unwanted crashes. It can be operated from an app installed on a mobile device (Android and iOS) via WiFi. It integrates a 5MP HD camera capable of capturing 720p video. It has audio amplifier, high sensitivity microphone, 8x8px RBG display, etc... As for its motors, they are bidirectional, capable of reaching a speed of about 40 km/h and its battery allows the flight for about 15 min, depending on the weather. Its operating range is between 15 and 30 metres. The entire system is controlled by a 32-bit processor capable of up to 330DMIPS. Once its funding and development is finished, you will be able to find it in the shops... If you wish, you can buy it for about 176€ and help in the collaboration to raise the 125,000 pounds that its developers want to start its production.

Choose yours and have fun flying it, remember that they are for recreational use, for civilian use you would have to get a license, abide by the Spanish laws regulating drones and an authorization from the AESA. I recommend that you read the instructions before doing anything and fly it in an area free of obstacles and outside urban areas. If you comply with the regulations, your only enemy will be the wind

Remember that we will be expanding the article with new developments, which I'm sure there will be, given that there are more and more companies interested in drones and DIY communities that are developing their own, such as Openpilot and ArduPilot.

If you see one missing, feel free to leave it in the comments and we will add it.

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  1. bruno mendez

    Good morning, I am looking for drones, which have a great weight support, greater than 2kg, and with a range of distance to more than 1km, I would appreciate your help, as I am starting a project that will serve for many people.
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  2. Good afternoon. I am conducting a research study in the medical field and I am looking for a drone that could carry 3 to 5 kg of weight.

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      To carry weight as you say, it is better to opt for a more professional drone, such as the DJI S900.

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  3. Does anyone know what would be the best option for transporting things (groceries and so on) because where I spend my holidays I have problems to transport myself because of the terrain (I have to go 8km with the car!!!).

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      It is difficult to carry heavy loads with drones of this type, which are intended for leisure use. But there are some more professional models with higher payload capacities, although they are also more expensive.
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