How to disassemble an Xbox 360


Update: If you are looking to fix the 3 red lights problem for good, I recommend you to watch the tutorial we have created for that purpose.

We are once again demonstrating our YouTube channel to present a new video, this time we explain how to disassemble an Xbox 360 to be able to clean or repair it later, which we have also made another video that we will present later. As we can see, first we will have to remove the front of the console to be able to access the grips that hold it, the next step is to remove the parts that are on the sides of it.

At this point we will have to be careful not to break any of the hooks, we will use a very thin screwdriver or a paper clip to push the hooks through the ventilation holes and under some of the rubber bands of the legs.

At one of the most difficult points in the process, the disassemble the Xbox 360If you are using a screwdriver, you will need to use the thin screwdriver again to carefully remove the clips on the back of the console. With one hand, press the two large plastic pieces outwards and slowly insert the screwdriver, you should hear a click in each of the small holes.

On the front we see four hooks, very easily removable with several flat screwdrivers, we introduce them one by one in each of these hooks and when they are all, we pull up to remove the first of the two pieces of the Xbox 360 case. For the next step we will need two Torx screwdriversone with the measure T9for the middle eight and the three on the faceplate, and the other one T10 for the 15 that hold the plate and the front housing (Buy it on eBay).

Inside the Xbox 360

First, we remove the six screws that hold the upper casing, they can be easily identified as the two in the centre are marked, and the other four are glued to the corners. Once we have this ready, to be able to separate the upper casing we will have to remove the opening button. of the Xbox 360 DVD playerIt is very simple, again with the small flat screwdriver we can do it almost without difficulty. Once open, remove the DVD reader by simply pulling it upwards and disconnecting it, both from the reader itself and from the board. We also remove the white plastic part of the ventilation, normally there are no problems to remove it as it is not fastened, but occasionally the clip that has in the upper area of the fans can get stuck.

Now we are going to use the Torx T9 screwdriver to remove the front plate, where the front plate is. the Xbox ringFirst we separate the white piece by easily removing the two clips that it has and then we will see the three screws that we will have to remove to be able to disconnect this plate. The next step will be to turn the console upside down and remove the nine screws that hold the board to the chassis, we can see them on the edge of the chassis, around the entire board, for this we will need the Torx T10 screwdriver.

Next, using the Torx T9 screwdriver again, remove the eight screws that hold the heatsinks in place so that we can finally remove the board from the chassis. Remember to remove the cable connecting the fans to the board.

X-Clamps, beware

We take out the plate and turn it upside down, we will see the so-called X-ClampsThese are crosspieces that hold and press to keep the heatsinks in place, at this point we have to be very careful because we can easily scratch the board and break a track. With a flat screwdriver we will pry the holes that have the X-Clamps at their ends, as we can see in the video, if we do it well, it will not cost us any work and we will not damage anything. Be careful not to bend the X-Clamps, because if this were to happen, the heatsinks would not be positioned correctly and the three red lights could easily appear.

After this point we can remove the heatsinks and we will have our Xbox 360 fully disassembled and ready to either clean and reassemble it or, as in our case, repair it. In the following video we will be able to see in detail how to repair a Xbox 360 in a very simple and effective way, as we are going to include three hacks that will prevent the console from breaking down again.

More information - Repair Xbox 360, red lights, Youtube channel

Materials and tools - Torx screwdrivers T9 and T10

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