How to make a mosquito trap.

Mosquitoesthose bugs that bother us, that marry us and until they suck your blood they don't leave (some come back for more), those bugs that wake you up in the middle of the night or your nap with a sharp and insufferable flapping, those bugs that when you kill them you even feel sorry for them, because after all, they were blood of your blood, well for those bugs we have here today a mosquito traphaha.

It's very simple and in very few steps (it's in Chinese, but the photos are clear and it's translated), you'll see how easy it is:

Mosquito Trap 1


- 2-litre plastic bottle (Coca-Cola bottles).

- 50 grams of brown sugar.

- 1 gram of yeast.

- 1 thermometer.

- Black paper (cardboard or derivatives).


1º Cut the upper part of the bottle as shown in the picture.

2º Put 200 ml of hot water in the bottle and mix with the 50 grams of brown sugar.

3º Put the mixture in cold water until it reaches 40º and then put the mixture back into the bottle.

4º Pour the yeast without mixing it into the mixture and cover it with the other half of the bottle but upside down.

5º Finally, cover the whole invention with the black paper, and that's it, wait.

Mosquito Trap 2

The trick is that when the yeast ferments, it will create carbon dioxide (which the mosquitoes), they get in and don't know how to get out. Don't forget to change from time to time the mixture of your mosquito trap so that it doesn't turn into a mess. A thousand thanks to the Crealo tu Mismo people.

10 thoughts on “Como hacer una trampa para mosquitos.”

  1. Pues yo si te lo agradezco, aún, por donde yo vivo, siguen causándome problemas y fastidio. A ver esta noche como me va 😉

  2. Hola, una dudilla talibanera:
    lo de mezclar en agua fria hasta que llegue a 40º, son grados fahrenheit o es en agua caliente? 🙂


    1. Alberto Navarro

      Es solo para ajustar la temperatura, sigue siendo agua caliente, pero así se estabiliza para crear el efecto requerido.


  3. sí, es verdad que en ocasiones me olvido de que no todo el mundo ha pasado unas noches frescas como aquí en Castilla.

    1. Alberto Navarro

      Para algunos rezagados de este año también, o por lo menos por aquí por el sur, que todavía quedan…

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