How to watch free football online

Football is a sport that has aroused the passions of millions of people around the world. This addictive sport is followed daily through all media (television, radio, Internet, newspaper). In today's article we will explain how to watch all the matches you are interested in via the interneteven those from outside Spain.

In order to be able to watch any broadcast over the Internet the only requirement is to have a good Internet connection. In addition, it is advisable to have a powerful graphics card to receive the images in the best possible quality.

Once these requirements have been met, all we have to do is access the following website: Here you will see a list of all the matches of the day. The list does not only include football matches, but also handball, tennis, basketball, etc.

Rojadirecta: list of matches

If you select one of the matches, a list of links to the different sites broadcasting the match will open up.

Rojadirecta: Links

The meaning of each column is as follows:

P2P: It informs us whether the retransmission is via the P2P protocol or not. In the case of playing the match via P2P, an external programme to the browser will be necessary to broadcast it. The required programme appears in the Type tab.

Name: This is the name of the channel.

LanguageIndicates the language in which the match is broadcast.

KBPSThis is the most important tab. It indicates the bandwidth at which the match is streamed. Normally, the more bandwidth a server offers, the better the quality of the broadcast.

Play: Displays the direct link to the match.

Some details or warnings about the emissions are usually displayed at the bottom of the window.

After clicking on our match, we will go directly to the broadcast of our match.

Match broadcasting

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