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As many of you already know, in recent months there has been a lot of talk about social networks in general, and all the benefits they can bring to a company if they know how to use them correctly, whether it be using the professional sites that they make available to us or by using the advertising platforms that they usually bring with them.

More specifically, there has been talk of the new social network Google Pluswhich opened its doors just a few months ago and which, even less recently, has definitively allowed the registration and creation of professional websites. In this article we will explain how to create a page in this social network, trying to make it possible for everyone to become one and learn how to manage it in a short period of time.


Signing in to your Google Account via Google Plus

First of all we have to have a Google Plus account (or from Google, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc... any will do). and log in or register  through the form you leave us on the web.

Creation of the page

Button for the creation of a Google Plus page.

Once inside we will have to go to the bottom right of the screen to find the page creation icon and once inside choose between what type of page we are going to need, if it will be for a local business, only as a product or brand, for companies, institutions or organisations, for arts, entertainment or sports or finally for any other purpose. Depending on the option that we choose we will have some advantages or others, so it is best to honestly select the one that fits best to our needs. For example, if you select a local business, it will locate it on Google Maps and add this information to the page.

Choose page category on Google Plus.

In the rest of the options we will have to put the desired name for the pagethe website if it is available, a matching category and whether we want it to be visible to all users or whether we want to put any age restriction. Once created, we will be using Google Plus as if the page or brand were a person (don't worry, this can be changed at any time later on) and we will be asked to put a representative slogan and a related profile picture, followed by will allow us to share it on our main Google Plus wall.

Switch from profile to page on Google Plus.

Hello world!

Once the page has been created we will see that we have things to do, already we will be able to publish content in it, which is advisable before you start sharing it out there and we will be able to put a "badge" on our site for people to join without having to log in to the site itself. We will also provide us with the exact link to our Google Plus page in order to be able to share it anywhere, the link will have the following structure "".

Google Plus badge settings for page sharing.

One of the peculiarities of Google Plus is that it we can organise our contacts into circles (you know, what Facebook groups are), so we can also do it on the pages, which gives us a great tool for managing our contacts by sectoring them so that we don't have to treat them all the same. In addition to these tools, we also have the so-called "Meetups", or group videoconferences, and the +1 button to add it wherever we want (this would be the substitute for the "Like" button on Facebook).

Share on Google Plus through its content box.

When sharing on our wall (the one of the page, not the personal one), we will find a form like the one above, in which we can add photos, videos, links and even our current location.. When it comes to choosing who to send it to, we have the option of sending it to the entire public or, as we mentioned before, to sector it according to the circles of people we have saved.

Here's everything you need to know about the creating a Google Plus page and its basic managementAs you use it professionally, you will realise that its possibilities are endless, and if you use it properly, it can greatly benefit your company's brand.

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