Obtain electricity from the telephone jack.

Curious video in which we are shown how we can get free electricity of the phone line. And it's so obvious that I'm surprised that something like this hasn't come out much earlier, I'll show you the video so you can see it:

As you can see, there is not much electricity we can get from it (about 40v more or less). But we can find a lot of uses for it, for example, when the lights go out, we can put a light bulb in it and so we won't be left in the dark, in the video it is very well explained (for those who know something about electronics). As you can't see it very well, I'll show you the list of components we'll need:

- Graetz Bridge KBP210.

- Transistor LM317L.

- Two resistors, one (R1) of 510Ω and the other (R2) of 240Ω.

The scheme is also simple, here it is for those who can't see it:

Telephone jack circuit

Curious, isn't it, whoever wants to try it out should take some photos and send them to us!

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  1. Hello everyone. Maybe it's a silly question but I've been wondering for a long time... can I use a telephone as an intercom? I've been thinking about getting one of those black retro phones from the 80's and when people call the house, I can answer with it.

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