Hacking Wifi to get your own key (part 2 and end)

Hacking wifi

We have already seen in the first part of this tutorial the ways we have of hacking our own wifi keys through a distribution prepared for it, in this one we are going to go a step further by explaining the possibilities we have to do it from other systems apart from Linux, which although we know that it is the best for this task, is not the only one.

Seeing how many people use Windows as their main operating system, we're going to start there by looking at all the options we have, but we'll also go through the operating systems Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and even online tools to retrieve wifi passwords.

Hacking wifi with Windows

Wifislax on Windows

At the risk of sounding a little redundant, let's look at how we can use the distribution. Wifislax from Windows without having to prepare a Live USB as we had already explained in the first part of the tutorial to get wifi keys. To avoid repeating ourselves too much, we are simply going to explain how to make it work, the use of the tools it contains can be found in the previous article.

The process we are about to undertake is called virtualising one operating system inside another, and this has its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, there are a couple of very powerful virtualisation tools available, VirtualBox y VMwareand in this case we are going to use the first one, which is completely free. A detail very important is that in the virtualisations, the internal wifi cards of our laptops do not work, so we must use a USB antenna in order to carry out this process. (in our official shop we have a tested and high profit one so you don't have to risk with others). With this clear, we download both the package VirtualBox as the Extension Pack so that it detects USB devices without any problems, and install them. Of course we also download the latest ISO of Wifislax.

Virtualbox Downloads

In addition to the video at the top of this section, I also leave you the steps to create virtualisation:

  1. We create a new virtualisation and give it a name of our choice, such as we will not install WifislaxIf you are using Windows XP, you can leave the default selection of Windows XP already checked.
  2. Select the amount of RAM to give to the system, 2Gb is more than enough.
  3. As I said before, we are not going to install the system, so we are not going to need a hard disk, so we click on Do not add a hard disk to the virtual machine.
  4. We enter Configuration->Storage and click on the button at the bottom, the one with a disc with an + in front. We then select Add CD/DVD deviceand select the Wifislax ISO image on your computer.
  5. We now turn to the section USB (remember to install the Extension Pack for USB) and select Enable USB 2.0 Controller (EHCI).
  6. Click on the side button to add a device, and look for our wifi antenna. Exit the configuration by pressing Accept.
  7. We will be able to give Start to start Wifislax and follow the steps outlined in the previous article.

Note: To check that it detects the wifi antenna, open a terminal and type the command iwconfig to check that it appears correctly.

Note 2: If even though the wifi antenna is detected correctly, no network appears in the audit applications, try disconnecting and reconnecting the antenna, sometimes it can give a failure.

Other methods in Windows

SWifi and Airwin for Windows

As man does not live by Wifislax alone, here are also some native applications for to use directly in our Windows. I have already told you that it is not the recommended option, Wifislax is due to its versatility and quality of updates, but it can be useful for the simplest keys. First of all, we have Swifi Keygen, which is an application that brings together many other applications from default key generationThe supported networks are:

  • WLAN_XX (00:60:B3, 00:01:38, 00:03:C9, 00:A0:C5, 00:16:38, 00:13:49, 00:02:CF, 00:1A:2B, 00:19:CB, 00:19:15, 00:30:DA, 00:1D:20, 00:23:F8, 00:01:36, 00:03:DA, 00:1F:9F, E0:91:53 ,40:4A:03, 50:67:F0, C8:6C:87)
  • JAZZTEL_XX (00:1A:2B)
  • ThomsonXXXXXXXX
  • SpeedTouchXXXXXXXX
  • Dlink
  • Rwlan
  • Tele2
  • Orange XXXXXX
  • VerizonXXXXX
  • MAC2WEPkey Infinitum
  • Discus
  • JAZZTEL_XXXX (64:68:0C, 00:1F:A4)
  • WLAN_XXXX (64:68:0C, 00:1D:20, 00:1F:A4, 38:72:C0, 00:1A:2B, F4:3E:61)
  • SkyV1

On the other hand, we have Airwin, which will use brute force to inject keys into any network in range, with the particularity that unlike Wifislax, we don't need to have the antenna in monitor mode. The system is quite slow and only works on Windows Vista, 7 and 8so we leave it as an alternative that is not highly recommended.

Hacking wifi with Android

WLANAudit, WPSpin and pulWifi for Android

Thanks to the great power and versatility that our mobile devices are acquiring, a multitude of wifi auditing applications are appearing, in this case for hacking our wifi with Android. First and foremost, and as my favourite, we have WLANAudit, which does exactly the same as Windows Swifi Keygen, as the main default key generation algorithm is the same, and it is compatible with the same networks. As an alternative to WLANAudit, we have pulWifi, which does exactly the same function.

On the other hand, we have WPSPINwhich by itself does nothing apart from allowing us to connect automatically to open wifi networks, but it is very useful to generate the WPS PINs of the compatible networks to make use of them with programs like the ones seen in Wifislax in the first article.

Note: These applications are frowned upon because of the misuse that can be made of them, so maybe remove them from Google Play and you have to search for them from the official websites of the developers and then install them directly from the .APKHere is a tutorial that I wrote myself on another website.

Hacking wifi with iPhone

Wifi2Me t iWEP Pro for iPhone

From the other side of the fence we can also enjoy this kind of applications, so iPhone users can rest assured that they will also be able to hacking their own wifis. In this case it is somewhat more complicated as Apple is not as benevolent as Google with this type of applications and although there are some in the App Store, they are not 100% functional. In the case of existing applications in the App Store, you have to manually enter the data of the networks (name and MAC), so that you get a result, ie, does not allow you to track to see the available networks in range.

To have these 100% applications functional you need to install Cydia (alternative app shop), which is installed automatically when you jailbreak (it's like unlocking all the functions of your iPhone). For those of you who don't know how to do it, here you go a very comprehensive tutorial by Gnzl from ActualidadiPhone.

On the one hand we have Wifi2Mea mirror of the aforementioned programmes for Windows and Android that will give us the default passwords of some routersalso exactly compatible with the same models. Simply scan and cross your fingers that your router is compatible with the application and shows you the default password.

On the other hand, we have iWep Prowhich uses brute force through dictionaries (the one you need may not be included and you may have to download it separately) to locate the target's key. It is undoubtedly the method which I least recommend for tardiness and unreliability, but it is another option to consider.

Note: These programmes no download links in the Cydia app shop, you will have to search for them directly from the Cydia app store or look for the paid versions in the official App Store, which remember, are not 100% functional.

Hacking wifi with Blackberry

Hacking wifi with Blackberry

Although this platform is in decline, it still has a community of users that is not negligible, so it deserves a place in this special on hacking wifis. After a lot of searching, the only thing we have been able to find for hacking wifis on Blackberry are four dubious but not badly rated applications in the app shop (beware, there are quite a few more, but they are all fake apps):

  • JazztelDecrypter, generates default WEP key dictionaries for JAZZTEL_XX networks.
  • Tele2dic, generates default WEP and WPA keys for Tele2 routers.
  • Wlan4xx, priced at 0,89€, generates dictionaries for WEP and WPA2 default keys for YaComXXXXXXXX, WLANXXXXXXXXXX and WiFiXXXXXXXXXX networks.
  • WlanDecrypter, priced at €0.89, is able to generate dictionaries for default WEP keys of Telefónica routers with network name WLAN_XX.

No doubt about it, Blackberry is the worst platform for trying to hack into your own wifi.So I recommend trying another avenue before giving these applications a chance.

Note: These applications are of dubious quality (all from the same developer), and although they work, some are paid for and require you to click on an internal ad within the application to get the result.

Note 2: All of them require you to have an SD card in your phone to store the generated dictionary, and of course they don't do network scanning, you have to enter the data manually.

Hacking wifi with Windows Phone

Wifi keys on Windows Phone

We come to the ugly child of the party, that device that does not attract any attention from developers and therefore has fewer options for hack your wifi with Windows Phone. However, we have found a couple of applications that can help you in your desperation, but I tell you, nothing like what we have already seen so far.

In the case of Windows Phone, there is some sort of jailbreak and alternative app shop, but we haven't found anything outside of Microsoft's maw. network tracingThey just let you enter the network data by hand, it's a pain in the ass.

On the one hand we have one with a very original name, Wifi keyswhich has part of the default key algorithm that we have already talked so much about in this article (it works with the WLAN_XXXXXX and JAZZTEL_XXXX, as they could have put it in its entirety), and on the other hand a more well-known one (and with best score of the users), Thomson Wifi Passwordswhich, as the name suggests, will decrypt Thomson router keys, with a multitude of different SSIDs available.

Note: In the case of Windows Phone I am not an expert and I don't have acquaintances who have a high technological profile and use this system, therefore the programs exposed are the result of an intensive search on the net, but not of someone's wisdom. If any reader has knowledge of extra applications, or other methods of using Windows Phone to hack wifis, I would be very grateful if you could leave it in the comments so I could share it.

Hack wifi online

Hack wifi online

Incredible as it may seem, there are also options for hack wifis onlineThe default keys, much less sophisticated of course, but in any case very useful in certain cases. Again, we find a multitude of options that return the default keys of certain brands of routers. The most complete in my opinion is a very simple application from UGamelaPlay, which will return the default keys of the same routers we saw before (I'm not going to put the complete list again, as you can see, these applications are all derived from the same script for different platforms).

The point that makes this option less competitive than the others, is the fact that it not being able to trace the networks in rangeso you will have to enter the data by hand (network name or ESSID and MAC or BSSID) and the exact type of network we are going for. In some cases it will directly return a key, which will be the correct one if you haven't changed the default one in your router, and in other cases it will return a list that can be downloaded in dictionary format to try with a brute force application, such as those included in Wifislax or the Airwin application for Windows.

I have another option in my favourites but it is only compatible with networks. WLAN_XXXXXX and JAZZTEL_XXXXXXis from SecurityWireless.

Note: The creation of these dictionaries requires a lot of power that a browser will not be able to offer, so there are options that will not be available unlike their counterparts for other platforms, at least on the first site.

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