How a diesel engine works

Among the motor alternatives that currently exist, for cars, trucks and machinery in general, are the famous diesel enginesnamed after its inventor Rudolf Dieselwho created this magnificent high-performance motor tool.

diesel engine

This type of engines uses a different fuel than petrol, which goes by the name of Gas-Oilcommonly known as diesel, or alternatively BioDiesel.

The diesel engines use a four-stroke system which are: Admission, compression, combustion y exhaust. Its operation is quite simple, first the air enters the combustion chamber, then this air is compressed with a push of the piston plunger, then the fuel is injected and produces the combustion that will push the piston again, and will produce the force for the movement. Finally, the exhaust of the gases will leave the combustion chamber ready for the next cycle.

diesel engine operation

In the following video, we can observe the operation of a diesel engine:

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    1. Antonio Limiñana

      Because diesel engines work with self-ignition of the fuel, so the air to be compressed is heated and gas-oil comes out sprayed and also hot when the two components meet, the gas-oil reaches its maximum temperature point and goes into self-ignition. I hope you found my answer helpful

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