How a four-stroke engine works

In ancient times all journeys were made on foot or by animal-drawn carts. With the arrival of the four-stroke engine, the world of transport was revolutionised, allowing the creation of automobiles and other inventions. Today we will explain how the four-stroke engine works.

How a four-stroke engine works

A four-stroke engine sis based on the use of a series of pistons that transmit motion to the crankshaft.. The name given to this type of engine is due to the fact that each piston has four different strokes:

  1. Introduction of the fuel mixed with air into the piston chamber.
  2. Compression of the fuel in the chamber.
  3. Explosion of the fuel by the spark produced by the spark plug.
  4. Release of the gases produced in the reaction.

Normally today's engines usually have 4 cylinders in which these four tenses are continuously repeated.

Here we offer you a video with detailed explanation of how a four-stroke engine works.

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    what a good video on the operation of the four-stroke engine excellent I like this video

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    Very good input. I think that basic knowledge of mechanics is very important for everyone who owns a car. This not only helps to fix everyday problems on the different machines, but also the fact of being able to detect problems in the cars helps to prevent traffic accidents.

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