How a hydraulic piston pump works

One of the models of hydraulic pumpsThe most common type of hydraulic pump is the piston pump. This type of hydraulic pump is generally used to facilitate the transport of non-compressible, high-powered fluids, as it pumps fluid at higher pressures than traditional vane pumps.

The operation of this type of pump is interesting and very similar to piston engines. It consists of several piston cylinders or a large axial cylinder that begins to suck in liquid and then expels it, so that it comes out under pressure and can be sent over greater distances than traditional pumps, thus optimising the transport of fluids.

The greater the number of pistons, the more power can be generated, so that we can obtain a pumping head and extraordinary efficiency.

As an advanced type of hydraulic pump, it is extremely sensitive to any dirt and contamination of the fluid, so it must be kept clean for best performance. In the following video we will see how hydraulic piston pumps work:

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