How a mechanical watch works

One of the most common tools in everyday use around the world are clocks, useful devices that were invented to measure the course of time.

Mechanical Watch

There are different types of clocks: analogue and digital, and there are even nuclear, sand or water clocks. They all have the same main purpose, which is to measure time.

Among the most widely used watches in the world (and still in use), we have mechanical watches. These are a type of analogue clock which is based on gears and principles of physics and classical mechanics, to harness mechanical energy and some properties to be able to measure time.

clockwork mechanism

To estimate the measurement of time, these devices are governed by the concepts of angular velocity, tangential velocity and speed of rotating objects, as well as by the change in the length of the radius of each gear, to transfer the necessary motion to move their hands or hands.

Here is an interesting video where we can see in a didactic and entertaining way, how a mechanical watch works:

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  1. Thank you very much.
    I found it very interesting.
    I had always wondered how such a watch worked.
    Well, I'm a big fan of the "Así se hace" type programmes and things like that.
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