How a microwave works

Among the most widely used appliances in kitchens and restaurants around the world are microwave ovens. This wonderful invention cooks any food quickly and even heats up entire meals in just a few seconds. Microwaves have completely changed the world of cooking and everyday life, as making a meal now only takes a few minutes.

Microwave oven

Microwaves are devices that work with electromagnetic waves, oriented to cook food with a radiation of 2.45 GHz that excites OH bonds that manage to heat surfaces, usually organic or containing water, which is why food is heated when it receives this type of radiation and it is recommended to moisten dry food.

The operation is simple, the magnetron produces high frequency waves that are distributed inside the oven by a wave beam splitter, thus heating the food for the time programmed by the user.

How a microwave works

Here is a very complete video where you will be able to visualise in a didactic manner how a microwave works from the inside.

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