How a washing machine works

The washing machines are everyday appliances in homes around the world. These machines allow efficient washing of garments, using cycles that automate the task of manual washing, saving water and time.

 Washing machine

The washing cycle starts with the filling of the washing machine drum. This filling is done with water coming directly from the pipe, and stops when the water sensor mark is reached (this mark will depend on the user's selection of the amount of water). Then, the washing starts, which is activated by a motor that moves the drum and continuously mixes the water, detergent (and other cleaning elements) with the clothes.

 Washing machine

The wash cycle continues with the rinsing process. The liquid is discharged and the rinse cycle similar to the washing cycle begins. Finally, the spin cycle is performed to remove as much water as possible from the garments, which facilitates drying.

 FUnctions of the washing machine

In the following video we will see how a washing machine works clothing:

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  1. it helped me a lot, i didn't know what to do, i didn't know how it worked, some things did, plus most sites talk about the vertical drum and i have the other one, thank you very much. i hope it has helped others as much as me, now that i use it as you say it works perfect. uy! i finish the wash! i'm going to take the clothes out of there bye!

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